Greek Tragedy – Part 3

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So I’m writing this down, by the side of the pool & its Thursday (13th), 1 week in to the Holiday & we’ve had a few clouds today, so I’ve reminisced about a Thursday in Wigan too.  It is just like Wigan though, but without the heat, the pace of life, the swimming pool, the Ice Cold Beer & of courses the Pies.

So looking at the odds for the game on Sunday against Doncaster, a game were Wigan by then could already be bottom of the table, its 21/20 for Wigan, 13/5 for Doncaster & 23/10 for the draw.

To be positive and leading back to numbers, Wigan as of today are still behind Sheffield United who are 5/1 to win League 1, Wigan’s odds are 8/1 to come May be heading back to the Championship as League 1 Champions.

Doncaster’s last match was ironically against Bury, it ended with 2 bizarre goals 1-1.  With the first scored from a ball being returned to the goalkeeper, the 2nd a walk in.  So this weekend’s match should see the conclusion of a three team tournament!  So could we read a 0-0 into this for the Doncaster Result?

Doncaster do though have a League Cup tie tonight against Leeds, assume this is why we are playing Sunday?   So this match will be a good indication on Doncaster’s ability to score goals, as no goals tonight against Leeds & Sunday’s match will probably end 0-0*, with odds of 8/1.  3-3 is 50/1 with 365 if you want a Murphy’s Law flutter.  Tiredness could be another factor.

*26th August – Note: Can you see how I use the numbers and stats to try and predict the result of the game, ironically enough the game ended 0-0 & though I usually don’t go for correct scores bets, guess what I went for, Yes you’ve guessed it, I went for 3-3. #muppet

So back to the swimming Pool as I write this on my Pad, we have Beer, see Part 1 & Music accompanying me as I write, currently it’s 009 Sound System on the Bins.

So back to the Puzzle I mentioned in Part 1, what does the word puzzle mean?

Does it indicate that curiously we don’t know if there is something wrong?  Or is it we can’t work out the approach being used today, whether it’s a short term or a long term approach/fix?

So to short term, what is the 2015/16 goal?  If we knew that could we at least start to work out the puzzle?

Got the heavy base of Donna Summers, ‘I feel Love’ playing; the beer is nice and cold.

Financial Viability sounds sexy doesn’t it?  Does that have to come first for our puzzle, before we take the next step (Long Term), as we are no longer someone’s play thing?

Damn that’s a lot of questions.

So with one question, comes many more, remember my Love for Numbers, can they instead help to understand the puzzle?

I’ve done the finances of Wigan to death with previous Blogs as has Jimmy.  Looking at last season, this has to be the starting point when it comes to the puzzle, with what Wigan did last season; it’s got to point to finances.

With Frank Wilson’s ‘Do I Love You’, I’ve got to leave you there as I’ve got to leave the Pool now and get ready for another restaurant, back tomorrow.


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