Greek Tragedy – Part 4

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So Doncaster beat Leeds on penalties with Leeds taking the lead, but later being reduced to 10 men.  Did this then later dictate Doncaster winning 4-2 on Penalties, or does Wigan gain some encouragement on Doncaster having to play an extra 30 minutes of Extra Time?

Who knows?  The challenge of predicting football results will be finally seen this weekend?  So to Friday evening, yes waiting for the family to get ready for another Restaurant, a can of Amstel being drunk as I wait.  So back to Wigan, earlier today I’ve heard we’ve picked up a Spurs youngster on Loan for a couple of months!  Apparently he goes straight in to the team.

I’d seen a text Thursday to say this bloke was ‘Incoming’, but again, the puzzle that is Wigan Athletic twists and turns more.  What does this signing now mean, are we going to try a young ‘Hot Shot Striker’ in League 1 to see if we can finally score goals?

If we do score these illusive goals through this bloke from Spurs what does it mean?  Do we keep him for the rest of the season @ x amount of £.  Seeing if we can return to the Championship with what basically is a football colonist, though most call them Loans.

Oh, I now have a 365 betting account after 12 years with William Hill, and looking at the Doncaster game and being new to the App I pressed too many wrong buttons and my Betting Slip added a 3-3 draw with Doncaster.  Tempting fate or just foolish at 50/1, I’d love to recoup some of the money I’ve paid & spent on this Holiday.

Isn’t it always strange when you’re on Holiday and you spend the € rather easily never batting an eye lid at €3 a pint, but here’s me torn on placing a £5 bet on either 3-3 at 50/1 or 0-0 at 8/1, then again is it tempting fate and £255 would be nice.

So can the new bloke we’ve bought get me those 3 goals?  Maybe, but can the defence be as calamitous as it has been to let in the 3 goals too, probably!  Okay, who remembers that 3-3 game against Spurs, when ‘Killer’ rose 9 feet in the air to head that goal?

Damn, remember when we had players who’s nicknames were ‘Killer’ & ‘Black Pearl’, now with this new Wigan Athletic it’ll be more ‘Unity’, ‘Scragger’ and ‘Clogger’.

Got to go.


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