H is for… Hoo we kidding?

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Chris was doing a bit of house-keeping here at tPAN Towers this morning and it turns out that we completely forgot to give you the results of our Latics Hall of Shame vote for the letter H.  I suppose it’s hardly surprising that we did, we’ve had the Christmas do, actual Christmas and New Year to distract us and, to be honest, it was just a paper exercise anyway.

Firstly, we have the tokenest of mentions for both Simon Haworth and Emile Heskey, not because any of us wanted to include them but because somebody out there has probably called them sh*te once or twice.

Fitz Hall is the first nomination for the dungeon of direness and whereas old One Size may have had football’s best nickname and a great reputation as a youngster at Oldham, well he wasn’t a very good centre half in spite of his Dan Burn type dimensions.

Nomination number 2 comes in the form of Danish boy band heartthrob and occasional footballer, Kristopher Haestad. When the abiding memory of your time at the club is of a suicidal back pass at Stamford Bridge to initiate a 4 four goal drubbing, well you’re probably better off sticking to singing with Morten Gamst Pedersen

Dylan throws current prison officer and former Latics star Mark Hilditch into the mixer. An old-fashioned centre forward, who we actually thought wasn’t that bad in a classic retro donkey of a number nine kind of way.

But of course, there was only ever one man going to win this poll, a man who falls firmly into the “paid a fortune and delivered nothing” category, and so it proved.  Unfortunately, he’s been unable to tear himself away from his training for the 2018 World Pie Eating Championship to accept his vote, but, Ladies and Gentlemen, your Wigan Athletic Emporium of Sh*te inductee for the letter H is, none other than…

Grant “effing” Holt…

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