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As is customary here is the totally unofficial half term report and pupil ratings for the Wigan Athletic Premier League Academy.The first half of this term has been particulary difficult for the headmaster Mr Martinez and his teaching staff as illness plus some questionable test marking by the examination baord has seen the school underperform compared to last term.The return to the classroom of long term occupiers of matron’s sickroom such as Caldwell and Ramis, should ensure a better second half of the term and ensure that Mr Whelan receives the correct funding from the education board.

Here are the ratings;

Ali Al Habsi….the most popular of the overseas boarders, a top performer in class whose performances inspire those around him. Suffered a couple of bad test results but is now back to his best. Needs to practice his kicking though.

Rating A-

Emerson Boyce…. The longest serving day pupil, Emerson never fails to give of his best although his concentration has been questioned recently. A fine ambassador for the Academy.

Rating B

Maynor Figueroa….The quiet one of the classroom, works hard and is well respected by the teaching staff and governors. Will be a massive loss to the academy if he decides to leave at the end of term.

Rating A-

Gary Caldwell……The head boy has been unwell for part of the term but his return to the classroom should inspire those around him to better performances. Not the most gifted of pupils but cetainly amongst the hardest working.

Rating B-

Ivan Ramis…..A new boarder this term who has settled well and has been much missed whilst off sick. Has returned to the classroom last week and turned in an exceptional test result at Villa Park.

Rating A-

Jean Beausejour….. Another quiet pupil but one although apparently gifted seems to lack confidence and this affects his performance in class. Needs to up his performances if he is to graduate.

Rating B-

James McCarthy…. One of the youngest pupils at the Academy but one of the hardest working and most gifted. James is integral to the Academy acheiving high marks in the end of term ratings and it is rumoured other academies are courting the young Scot.

Rating A

James McArthur…..A long term friend of James McCarthy at prep school who followed him to the academy, took time to settle but is now considered one of the best performing pupils with a style that often goes unnoticed.

Rating B

Shaun Maloney…. One of the more senior pupils, struggled to settle when he arrived last term but his performances in the second half of the term saw Wigan gain some excellent exam results and has continued in the same vein this term.

Rating B

Aroune Kone…. Another new boarder, Kone’s performances come in fits and starts. Has undoubted ability but needs to work harder to acheive the results need. Soon to go on an extended trip to Africa.

Rating B-

Franco Di Santo….Another pupil who struggled to settle at Wigan but under Mr Martinez’s tutelage has blossmed into a fine pupil. Another pupil who will be a big loss to the school if he leaves at the end of term.

Rating B

Ben Watson…. Another hard working pupil who whilst never going to be a high achiever always makes the grades requried. Currently on long term sick with a broken leg.

Rating B-

David Jones….Struggled to settle at Wigan but has surprised the govenors with some excellent test results in recent weeks. Works hard.

Rating B

Jordi Gomez….Probably the most talented pupil at the academy but sometimes gives the impression of not trying. Has been the subject of some bullying and name calling.

Rating B

Antolin Alcaraz….Had problems with authority but seemed to have settled down this term until he became ill on a school trip. Hopes to be back in class soon.

Rating C

Mauro Boselli….Mr Martinez had high hopes for this overseas pupil who has constantly failed to deliver. Rumoured to be leaving the academy for pastutes new very soon.

Rating C-

Ronnie Stam….. the forgotten man of the school, dependable, always does his best but seems destined to be sat at the back of the class.

Rating B-

Adrian Lopez…. Came to the Academy with very little fanfare but was performing well when he fell ill. Currently spending a lot of time in sick room.

Rating B-

Headmaster Mr Martinez…. Once again is establishing the Academy amongst the elite with the lowest finances of any of the top acadamies. It will always be a battle and Mr Martinez remains one of the most popular heads around and the govenors were very releived when he turned down offers from some of the bigger academies at the end of last term.

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