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We’re back with another Emporium of S***e and L is the letter under our alphabetically based scrutiny today. Seems strange how we’re on the brink of relegation and so few of the current crop are being chucked in, there’s time yet I suppose.

Anyway, back to headier days and first for the chop is Adrian Lopez, the Spanish centre half. See, you could have just left it like that really? But Chris has to compare hin to being a Pathetic Casual because [quote possibly] he looks fey, probably likes tapas and has big hair. He wasn’t very convincing really though was he?

There’s an audacious attempt to throw David Lee in there, which appears to boil down to him refusing to pass to Roberto Martinez. Oh and the other obvious reason…..

Mark Leonard is up for the chop, again perhaps a bit harsh given how bad we were generally at the time, the archetypal donkey number nine, who is apparently a good crown green bowls player these days.

What about Jamie Lawrence, he of the loud hair and half decent career which was sadly in the twilight by the time he arrived here?

And there is also a nomination for Chris Lightfoot, who lived up to his record signing tag by being dead arrogant.

Adam Le Fondue (damn you spell check!) is a debatable one, as is Denny Landzaat and Michael (but not Donald) Love.

Kevin Langley meets with a bit more approval, certainly second time around when he had some interesting altercations with the fans. Besides, if his son had made it to the first team, we could have had the first father and son combo in our Hall of Shame.

Anyway, we put it to the vote and after an early tantrum by myself following the exclusion of Lopez, we settled on a somewhat old school 4.

I only put Chris Lightfoot in because a mate said he was a right tosser when he played with him at Runcorn but it turns out many other Latics fans feel the same. The “big money buy” back then had enough in his locker to fend off Langley and Leonard and secure his place in the next round..


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