I smell a rat…..

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Welcome to the podcast that is marginally more appealing than rats hung up at a service station.

We sum up our Christmas cheer, before suggesting some helpful New Year’s Resolutions that Paul Cook might like to adopt.

Following that, we begin to discuss THE FOOTBALL. And yes it is grim as you like, with one contributor opining that he would rather big Donny pushes the button.

It would be worse though! They could though, they could be selling dead rats at the meat counter at Tebay Services. We’ll always have our M&S 3 for 7 won’t we? We delve deep into the post Brexit environment to find out.

Now we’ve suffered at the hands of it, we discuss VAR and of course what’s worse than it, including the new drop balls and fan channels. Grrrr!! In a general rounding on modern football and Josh Windass’ highlights.

Time for our ever popular TV section, where we share whatever bollocks we’re watching on the old box.

After putting the boot unto VAR, we pour scorn on the futility of xG before answering the perennial question of “are we going down or not?” Bizarrely, we seem to think not. Dependent on team selections and transfer business.

And on that subject: Will Kieffer leave? Will we sign some Scottish jailbird? And can we please have a centre half? Preferably one who can defend.

And that’s a wrap! We’re none the wiser and neither are you, but Up the Tics and all that.

You can listen to the latest rat infested Pie At Night podcast here: https://soundcloud.com/thepieatnight/ep66-rat-trap or download via your favourite podcast app.

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