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Dale from Stretty Rant contacted TNS Towers to ask him he could submit some questions to us prior to Sunday’s game and stated he was happy to respond in kind.

Both sides duly obliged and here are Dale’s responses;


1/ Many Utd fans claim Wigan as their second club, how delighted were you that we beat City?

 Do we? I never claimed Wigan as my second club. That aside, I was thrilled for your lot. Beating City at Wembley in the FA Cup final is not something I see you doing again, so soak it up.

2/ If you could only beat one club in a cup final, who would it be Man City or Liverpool?

Liverpool. It’s been a while since we met them in a final. As for City, it would still make a special day out. We’ve been the two best Premier League teams in recent years.

3/ Do you think its time for Utd and the big clubs to form a European super league?

To be honest, I haven’t thought much about that. We play enough football as it is and the Champions League only needs a few minor adjustments.

4/ Owen Coyle is canny in the transfer market, who would you recommend from United to him and why?

Worth inquiring about Adnan Januzaj for a loan spell. He looks like something special. Bebe too, please.

5/ Which Wigan player do you rate the most and why?

Callum McManaman. His performance in the FA Cup final against City was stunning, proving he can do it against the top sides. Superb pace.

6/ Many Wiganers are opting to save their money on Sunday, saving it for a European tour, has the game caught the imagination of the Utd fans?

We’ll be taking plenty to Wembley. The lads are always up for a trip even though the game means little. It can be difficult for some, and their reasons are understandable.

7/ Dave Moyes, the right man for the United job?

Hope so. Haven’t seen enough to really comment, though.

8/ Should Rooney stay or go?

I wanted him out after all the shit he caused back in 2010. He said in his autobiography that he would never make that mistake again, but it looks like he is. Ta ra, I say.

9/ Expected United line up for Sunday?

De Gea; Rafael, Vidic, Evans, Evra; Anderson, Carrick; Zaha, Kagawa, Young/Nani (depending on who’s fit); Van Persie.

10/ Predicted score for Sunday?

2-1 United

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