It is results that matter

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Of course we would ALL like to watch a Ajaxbarcabrazillianesque style of football week in week out but in truth it is the end result that matters the most.

Forums, Twitter and phone-ins are awash with angry folk when their team suffers a defeat not with what the style of the 1-0 victory was like.

It is results that matter

Check the mood of your fellow supporters when you win by a single goal and compare it to when you lose unluckily after a wonderful entertaining performance.

It is results that matter

How many times have Latics outplayed opponents with skill & style and whose sole aim was to frustrate us with crude challenges and timewasting then nicked a goal against the run of play ?

It is results that matter

Very few teams win consistently season after season with fluid exciting attacking football, they soon get found out and their weaknesses exploited.

It is results that matter

Because the game is like no other sport, outcomes can vary from week to week, the better classier clubs do not always win their matches, too many variables will not always allow a 100% forecast.

Think about it, a player gets possession of the ball, he has quite a few options for him, he could play the ball forward, backward, sideways.

He could send it long, short, high or low and all in-between or he could dribble the ball before dispatching it hopefully to a colleague.

Then he has the option to kick it, head it or chest it to propel the ball to wherever he decides, however he has the added disadvantage of eleven opponents trying to take it off him !

Human error cannot be accounted for and sometimes style has to take a back seat to ensure or at least put in your favour the result is a victory.

Try picking ten matches win, lose or draw & see how many you get correct, five if you are good, hence a profitable betting industry !

It is results that matter, if they didn’t why would we bother keeping the score ?

Trying telling the Italians or any fever mad football country that results don’t matter & the fan’s want style all the time, It is results that matter you just don’t want to admit it.

It is results that matter otherwise if style, entertainment & excitement is what you crave all the time then go & watch The Harlem Globetrotters, football with those descriptions does not exist all the time.



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