It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

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I had a tip off last night that Collymore was talking sense on Talksport, this to me was kind of like a Halley’s comet sighting, so I tuned in and indeed he was talking sense.

Sadly in the spell I was listening to it, they gave some Mancunian a ridiculous amount of airtime who said amongst other things:

1. McCarthy set out to do Rooney and take him out of the game

2. Wigan are a dirty side always going through the back of players

3. And to back this up he of course reminded us that they of course had two sent off at Old Trafford earlier this season

So number one, it’s plain for anyone to see that McCarthy is not that type of player and he’s on the receiving end week on week, as for Rooney’s track record well – enough said. I can’t say I’ve ever met James McCarthy but everything I’ve heard and read about him demonstrates a very smart, level headed young man who will go a long way. We met up with a chap from Hamilton who came to watch us earlier on this season and when James McCarthy heard about it, he met him afterwards and gave him his signed shirt after the game. He might not be as good a footballer as Rooney but he’s ten times the man he is.

2. Like I always say, let Wigan play out a season in United shirts and vice versa. We’re not a dirty side, we’re the team who get punished the most for doing the least because referees are spineless wankers who know the way to get the big games is to keep on the right side of the big teams. Vidic would get sent off ten times a season if he played for us as would Rooney, Scholes and half a dozen others. And the other United line of defence seems to be ‘what about Steven Gerrard?’ Well what about him and how does that help level the playing field for us? Who do our players get to give a free of charge forearm smash to?

Whether Rooney is suspended or not does not help us, what I do know is that he helped United score three goals in Saturday which they might not otherwise have got. Of course, they might still have won with ten men, probably would have done judging by the way we laboured past a Karl Henry-less Wolves earlier this season but it would have changed the game completely and should have changed the game completely if Clattenberg had even a tiny shrunken pair of testicles hiding deep within his abdomen.

And so to point three, yes we did get two sent off that day. Evra also did two shockers on Figueroa and Vidic hauled down N’Zogbia in the box for as clear a penalty as you’ll see all season and both players again got away scot free. No such luck for Alcaraz who committed two fouls no worse than Evra’s and saw red. And yes Rodallega deserved to go but again – would he have made that tackle if we’d been awarded a penalty in the first half and Vidic had been rightfully punished – no because Vidic wouldn’t have been on the field! It was a challenge made out of pure frustration that the home side had got away with murder all afternoon whereas our player had been sent off for making two challenges no worse than twelve of their.

Wouldn’t you’d lose your discipline too if you had spent the afternoon watching a man whose job it is to ensure fair play holding the door open for one team whilst continually slamming it in your face for no other reason than you’re not as famous as they are?


Well for another four or five days at least, as we have Stuart Atwell this weekend, or to give him his full name That Clueless C*nt Stuart Atwell. Incredulously, this is the man who sent Gary Caldwell off last season for tackling two footed on the floor whilst Tevez walks free for stamping on him in the process causing another very close game to go tits up. Our reward is to get him again this year – fucking great.

The saddest thing about all this is that whether it is Webb, Clattenberg, Atwell, Wiley or Dowd we know all their names and they are stars of their own little world. Sorry boys but no-one ever pays money to come to watch a referee, fair enough we can’t play the game without you but in some cases it might be a better idea. The players don’t respect you and spend half the afternoon whinging at you and trying to con you, the fans hate you – even the ones you do give all the decisions to and the pundits lay into your frequent mistakes with gay abandon. I know it’s a thankless task, but you are a complete set of odious bottling c*nts who only has to do two things, one – know the rules and two – ensure fair play and you fail miserably like starstruck teenage girls. Read this great piece by Vaughanie all about the pain these little Hitlers cause anyway, that’s enough from me, they’ve had enough column inches


So we hit the bottom. Certain suspects elsewhere were on the internet within minutes to celebrate, I’m surprised they managed to stay sat down in the home end when United scored Saturday such was their smugness while the rest of us are hurting. I’m in that no man’s land where it’s becoming harder to defend the manager – because of course, repeat after me “we should be beating shit like this” and all around me the hyenas are screaming. No teams fans are ever going to be happy when they’re bottom of the league so let them scream, its fair enough I suppose.

Incidentally they were screaming at Wolves and West Ham a month or two ago and whereas this Saturday might be a tall ask to get something from, there’s still a lot of football to be played and with the exception of Chelsea away, we can (not necessarily will) take points from all of the other eight games.

Now I’m not saying he was right last night but Collymore’s view last night was that how can our players play Man United off the park for twenty or so minutes and then turn in such an awful performance for the second half and he laid the blame squarely at their feet, although conceded that Martinez may simply be ‘too nice’. No professional players plays badly but we have too many strollers, and you know who they are. Again, it’s Bob’s job to motivate them and in many cases he signed them, so like I say I’m not arguing with Collymore or supporting the manager particularly here. Just repeating his words.

Like I’ve said in the past, I really want Roberto to succeed but if all those people out there are convinced there is a better manager out there who will bring back the missing thousands, build the club from top to bottom instead of a short term fix and work within the strict wage structure Whelan is enforcing* then I’m all ears (*and needs to be enforced to meet FIFA FFP guidelines). The best option appears to be another unproven Championship manager here or there. And if he was to get fired, then, I’ll still be there and I say that safe in the knowledge that the arrogant prick Big Sam won’t take it.

Roberto and the club itself seem remarkably unphased by it, it’s just another relegation battle. This may seem a little laissez faire as it would be a sad day if we went down especially as we’d have to face those tossers, many of whom live in our town who will be celebrating that day. But hey if that day comes, let’s face them, head on with a show of strength. As a fan who believes in fan culture, I’d love that to be the case, I’d love that be the way that we’d go, I’d love us to face them head on, laugh at our detractors and say ‘so what’. I’d love us to dare to be different but all the fallouts and recriminations throughout this season and last have shown that we’re no different, we’re a hell of a lot worse than other fans as a disparate group – and I’m not taking sides here saying I’m right and you’re wrong, just pointing it out. The bigger picture from outside looks like a shambles. As I always say, have a look from the outside – as a fan of another team – nobody is admiring us
as fans, everyone’s laughing at us, especially the rugby lot in our own town…..

We may stay bottom, we may surprisingly turn it around. The bookies don’t often get it wrong though and now I think people are gearing up for the worst, again it’s not the end of the world and how we cope depends on how we react.

If we fall, it’s all about getting that winning mentality back. Drop a level, get used to winning a few more games on a level playing field. Get rid of the players who don’t want to be here & build your team around the ones who do want to be here. Get them playing for each other & the manager be it Bob or anyone else and get that winning mentality throughout the club. Let’s use West Brom and dare I say Bolton as the template, many years a yo-yo club. It didn’t do Newcastle any harm either but we need to stay strong as fans. If it takes three years or ten years to get back up or even if we never get back up, let’s pull together as supporters and make sure that no-one takes the piss out of our club except ourselves. Even if we go down a long way, then we’ve been there before, let’s not ever get to that stage where we haven’t got a club to support by falling out with each other.

That’s why it’s good to see this Latics United come through and I hope more people buy into it over the next few months, the concept as well as the fund raisng and the Supporters Club also starts to take a more prominent role again. I popped in the South Stand Bar to sell a few mags on Sat, and the place was busy. The atmosphere wasn’t buzzing in the way it was the last time I went in there but from small acorns and all that, we can start becoming a real football club again. From the depths of despair hope springs eternal – let those who want to wallow, wallow at will. We’ll get our club back. Acceptance is the first stage of turn around.

It’s our club, our town and we’re not going anywhere. We have something special here and have had an amazing few years, in a way that the 12 divvies in Wigan Asda wearing their United shirts on Sunday afternoon could never ever imagine or appreciate.


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