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How do you begin to describe a night like Tuesday

I’ve not really got the words, there have been some fantastic high points this season – undoubtedly some low points as well.

But they would be expected in a season where we started on minus eight points and are having to re-build the club from a second financial apocalypse in as many years.

But were there as many as high as last night?

Maybe taking the pitch against Derby in August when we were unsure whether we may ever walk out again?

Let alone beating the Rams, or perhaps the Manchester United match, perhaps the 4-0 win over our near neighbours back in August that got us back in to positive points?

All of those are important parts to a season that I still maintain will be looked back on fondly in future years but none felt like Tuesday night did.

We know the well-trodden path that Bolton approach in these matches, they talk about us with disdain.

Remind everyone how we’re not rivals, despite playing each other 52 times over the last 39 years and playing regularly over the last 20 years in both the Premier League and Football League.

We get it Bolton, we do – you’re on a higher plane than us.

We can’t ever hope to match up to your 20 billion fans who strangely weren’t there during your Premier League days and we know that we are merely a nuisance whereas Manchester United who you haven’t played in (checks notes) 12 years are your true rivals.

That’s fine.

Hell even the local journalist for the other paper claimed that Wigan v Bolton wasn’t a derby – I mean if the five mile journey between Horwich and Wigan doesn’t represent a derby I don’t know what does.

I wonder if Horwich RMI considered the trip over to Springfield Park a derby?

But again that’s fine.

You carry on not caring about us as it’s done wonders over the last ten years.

I said prior to the match that it was a free hit for us, we’re not particularly in a good run of form.

Our season is nearing it’s conclusion.

A season where it was all about survival and stabilisation.

Survival both off the pitch and on it in terms of our league status and stabilising a club that was heading in to some dark places due to mismanagement on a grand scale last year.

We look well placed to achieve those aims as we head in to the final furlong of the season so a defeat, although disappointing against your local rivals would have been understandable.

Bolton are heading for promotion and with the money they’ve spent over the last two seasons quite rightly are fighting for an automatic promotion spot.

On paper – there was only one winner last night. But football thankfully isn’t played on paper.

Bolton dominated possession and chances without ever really doing much where as Latics with a committed game plan soaked up everything Bolton threw at them knowing that one chance would do it and it was Stephen Humphreys who took that chance.

He’s had a frustrating time of it recently has Humps.

Before Christmas he was one of the best players in the league, injuries and a loss of form have seen him out of the side, when he has come on he’s looked a shadow of himself but last night we saw the Stephen Humphreys from the start of the season.

After that it was remarkably comfortable, Latics could have been further ahead within a minute Thelo Aaasgaard’s volley and Martial Godo’s effort saw Latics pepper the Bolton goal with efforts but the one would suffice.

Much to the annoyance of Ian Evatt.

He really doesn’t help himself big Ian, we’ve had three years of facing the bloke now and for some unbeknown reason Wigan Athletic in it’s various incarnations over the last three years gets so under his skin.

If it’s not having a very public spat with James McClean, it’s telling the world that his Bolton side are the best team in the league before getting comprehensively beat 4-0 at home to Wigan (they were tenth at the time)

He went one better this time with some really salty pre match comments about how ‘They only save their best performances for playing against Bolton’.

But all of that was un-surpassed by his behaviour at the end of the match as 42 year old Ian Evatt became Chief Inspector of the Celebration Police.

Marching over to young lads like Luke Chambers, Martial Godo and Scott Smith to inform them that their celebrations were un-warranted. In fact he said as much in a deluded post-match press and said that as we are currently sat in mid table we shouldn’t be celebrating.

Here’s a thought Ian, maybe that’s why we’ve won again, and you’ve lost once again.

Off you pop lad!

Sean Livesey

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