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Hello, good morning and welcome to your (when we can be bothered) regular round-up of all things tPAN related. It’s been a funny old week, starting with a 3-0 victory that was, to say the least, harder than the score line suggested and finished, for a lot of you, in early trains, #cans and a ‘spoons breakfast.

There’s been a bit inbetween as well, what with the wheels nearly coming off on a Tuesday night in Gillingham and erm, that news.

So what have we been talking about? Well, we started off with some research into facts that might explain why Latics were the most googled Championship team in China. It’s not just because we’re MASSIVE…

We then got onto the nitty gritty with Jimmy striking a note of caution…

Alan was typical more direct, suggesting that now might be a good time to show that we won’t let owners take the mick out of us…

That wasn’t universally well received, leading to Alan reducing this year’s pitchfork order and us turning to The Mudhutter issue 53 for a bit of Pathetically light relief…

And if that inspired you to embrace TPC culture then you can pop over to our shop and pick up some themed merchandise.

If you like what you read, you can get more of it, on actual paper, at

And so, to the game and a chat with Blackpool fan, Gareth, who, unsurprisingly also has a change of ownership on his mind…

Also unsurprisingly we’re bang behind the Blackpool Supporters Trust and their “Not a Penny More” campaign. If you’re at the game today we’d encourage you to keep your hands in your pockets and save your cash for the local shops and hostelries.

We wrap up with our two 12th men. If you can have two 12th men, but I’m not going to be the one to hand Jimmy or Sean the number 14 shirt. There are some common themes pop up in their match previews.

And of course, there’s the podcast. Episode 33 can be found in all the usual places, search for us on iTunes or Audioboom, or whatever podcast app you use. Or use the player below…

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