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After five years of messing about at this webmaster lark, last season brought me to put up or shut-up time as far as [thas] not a patch on goes.  The intention was always meant to be so much more than the occasional ramblings, with bolted on forum, that I gave out last year and after a fair bit of soul searching, I’ve ended up getting back to where I came in to the Wigan Wide Web.


There couldn’t be a better time to be (re)launching a Latics’ community site.  The appointment of Bobby, Jonah and Barrow (there was a time when every player didn’t have to have a nicknamea) has brought a bit of the old Latics back and people are starting to talk about getting back a sense of belonging again.  The overwhelming response to the Springfield Park Stand campaign also shows that we’re maybe not quite the totally disjointed bunch that we might have thought we’d become after all.


So what better way to celebrate our reborn sense of togetherness than joining a site that offers you the chance to get your voice on the internet, a site that gives you new ways to communicate with like minded souls or a site that keeps focus on the thing that we’ve all got in common but recognises that there’s more to most of us than the blue and white.


We’ve got them all and above all else, we want to be a site for Latics fans, by Latics fans, rather than a site about Latics, because, let’s face it, life as a football fan isn’t always the most exciting one.


So now I’ve given you the blurb, what does it say on the ‘not a patch on’ tin?


Blog it – if there’s a novel in all of us, then there’s definitely a blog in you.  I know you’ve read stuff on the web (on this site maybe) and thought ‘I could do better than that’ well here’s your chance.  Our easy to use blog software gives all our members a soapbox, all you’ve got to do is step on it.  Everyone’s got an opinion, share yours here.


Snap it – yeah, you’re not a patch on David Bailey, but we know that you got a burning desire to share your holiday snaps with anyone who can see them.  Whether you fancy yourself as the next Annie Leibovitz or a budding graphic designer, here’s your chance to share your art.


Watch it – build your own TV channel using videos from most popular sites.  Whether it’s a shaky montage of the latest obscure South American we’ve been linked with or the latest viral, here’s the place you can gather them all together and share them with like minded souls.


Chat it – discuss the issues of the day on our forums, it’s a message board; we’re all friendly, what more is there to say?


Share it – set up your own mini-sites covering issues that deserve their own space.  If collecting Greek dairy products is your bag, then you might not get very far on the main forum.  Set up your own group and who knows, you might someone who shares your passion.


And if none of the above tickle your fancy then keep coming back anyway, there’ll always be  the usual prattle from my good self, and I’m sure that a few others will be along for the ride, even if I have threaten them to get it done.


[thas] not a patch on Harry Lyon, your interests, your views, your opinions, your site.  Come on, join our club.


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