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This is a call to arms.  There’s no other way to dress it up.  I’ve decided enough is enough and I’m calling on all Latics fans to stand up and be counted.  I might end up being the lone crank, but it would be great if I wasn’t.  It would be even better if every one of us decide to do something, together, if the supporters club backed us, hell, it would be even better if the club stood up for and with us as well.  You might be expecting a punchline right now, there isn’t one, just a joke.

Latics have today announced ticket details for the Boxing Day game at Leeds.  At best it’s going to cost an adult £36 or £24 for a child.  If you’re only planning, or able, to pay on the day it’s another fiver on top of that.  That’s simply too much.

  • It’s not too much because it’s Christmas and people have lots of other expenses to deal with
  • It’s not too much because these are hard times and there’s not much money to go around
  • It’s not too much because it’s over 200% more than it cost to go and watch the same game ten years ago
  • It’s just too much

It’s definitely too much to watch a game between two average, second flight teams, it’s probably too much to watch any game of league football at all and you don’t have to pay it.  You’ve got a choice.

  • You can go to the game, pay your money and moan about the cost and then do the same again, and again, and again.


  • You can go and do something else, watch another game, go to the pub with your mates, go spend your money in the sales.  Tell Leeds that football fans aren’t a captive audience, there to be ripped off because we’ll come no matter what and whatever your reason you can tell people that you’re not going to the game because Leeds have over stepped the mark.

You might be worried that no one else will do this with you, that it’ll just give other clubs a bigger excuse to take the mick out of our crowds, but you’re wrong.  Stand up, make plenty of noise about it and other people will join in.  If enough of us boycott the game then who knows what we might start.

There’s a feeling out there that it will only take one club to deliberately and pointedly boycott a game, to show that we can organise something like this for other clubs to follow.  By refusing to pay what Leeds want on this most “traditional” of football days, you might just be laying the seeds for something bigger.  If fans everywhere start to say no then, don’t laugh, clubs might start to listen.

The best thing about what I’m asking you now, I’m not asking for your money, I’m not asking you to wear a badge or a t-shirt, wave a placard or go on a march.  I’m asking you to keep your money in your pocket and do nothing.  You can have your say by sitting at home, dry, warm and watching Digby, the biggest dog in the world, if you want to.  All I’m asking is that you


But if you want to do more then make some noise.  Share this story on Twitter, Facebook on whichever messageboard you frequent or by word of mouth.    Petition the club and supporter’s club for their support, whether that’s by email or by social media.  And most importantly, make sure people know you’re not going to Leeds make sure they know they won’t be on their own if they don’t go either.

We can only achieve things if we do them together, let’s start now.


p.s. you can also add your weight to the Football Supporters’ Federation’s “Twenty’s Plenty” campaign.  Find out more here: http://fsf.org.uk/campaigns/away-fans/score-campaign-twentys-plenty-for-away-tickets/


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