Just the Ticket – An Everton rant of sorts

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Bloody away fans in our end, grrrrr, Greater Manchester Police, &^&*%!!$, Wigan Council, pah!  Although I’ve had my beefs with all of them in recent times*, it’s been restricted to grumbles because, when it comes down to it things have been more “us against the world” rather than things that have directly affected me.  As of yesterday, they, and the club are all strictly in my bad books, because they made me miss the game.

Now followers of my warbling will be aware that I’ve skipped a fair amount of games over the last season and a half, now’s not the time to discuss the reasons, but it hurts me not to be there and I really cherish the games I do get to.  I’ve been looking forward to the Everton game since I missed Hull and even more after the Villa game was called off.  As a result I woke up yesterday in a right proper good mood with my day mapped out and only a thumping out there to spoil it.

A good few of you will have already worked out where this is going and be working out your retorts.  “It’s your own fault for not getting a ticket!”, “you should have checked with the club”, “you should have planned better”.  Well, I knew full well, there were no tickets on sale, I did plan properly and make arrangements to get tickets, and as far as I knew, I had one.

Or as far as Newtown I had one.

Put simply, there was a mix up with the tickets, we were one short and, for any number of reasons, it was right that I was the person who missed out.  Not least because someone had trusted me to get one and it was probably my fault that we were one short, but other reasons as well.  Luckily I hadn’t got in sight of the ground, but was still close enough to pick up some “lucky” Rolling Pin pies (fat lot of good they did) before turning tail and heading back to a sad, lonely 90 minutes watching Arabic tele.

I should add, a sad lonely 90 minutes, being very pissed off, watching empty seats on Arabic tele because the aforementioned offenders can’t get their act together  sufficiently to put on an event where a long standing supporter can correct a genuine mistake on the day of a game.  I’ll have calmed down come Tuesday, but for now I’m still fuming and I don’t blame my mates not the club.  I blame idiots who can’t sit on their hands, people who can’t control what comes next and people who over react to the whole thing.

Oh, and from what I can tell, Latics played well and should have got more from the game than they did, Everton were their usual selves and we’ve got a new lad up front, cause Jason Scotland wouldn’t have had such a drastic hair cut would he?

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