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Welcome to a website where the past is celebrated, the future is pondered and the present is firmly open for discussion. This Northern Soul is borne out of love, love for Wigan Athletic and a desire to collaborate in support of our football club. It has often been said that the soul is going out of football, indeed after six years in the Premier League it has even been suggested that the soul is disappearing from Wigan Athletic. Not in this corner of the internet it isn’t! represents a joining together of three independent, unofficial Wigan Athletic websites: Ye Olde Tree and Crown, Not a Patch On and The Mudhutter. Whereas each of the individual sites has it’s own subtle nuances and traditions developed over the years, This Northern Soul will develop into a focal point for all three as we look to embrace the Wigan Athletic community.

This Northern Soul brings together the history and nostalgia tirelessly built up in Ye Olde Tree and Crown, the fanzine spirit and offbeat ramblings of The Mudhutter and the blogging par excellence and musing on football matters from Not a Patch On. For all the growth and changes that Wigan Athletic has encountered over the past few years, we thought we’d do our bit to bring the online community back together just that little bit more by combining our sites individual resources to make one great site.

We will continue to do everything we did previously: developing the archives, down the pub banter, online and print fanzines, formation and freestyle blogging, match previews, reports, transfer news and anything else which takes our fancy from the decidedly measured and serious through to the downright silly but all under one banner: This Northern Soul.

This Northern Soul does not intend to replace or compete with any other existing site. Although we are quite rightly proud of our output, we know that there are other sites out there which are more established and generate more traffic. We want to work in harmony with and alongside them for the good of the football club we all support. We will continue to run our new combined site on a non-commercial, independent basis and will only ever try to sell you something we’ve made ourselves or (we believe) is for a good cause. The network we are interested in is the one we have just created and our fellow Wigan Athletic sites and our future will be determined by what our users want to see.

So with that in mind, we’d like to again say welcome and please feel free to come and join us and tell us what you think, whether you were previously a member of one site, all three or just a keen observer. Please bookmark us as we continue to turn our new place into “home”. A home for us and a home for Wigan Athletic fans: Unloved and tainted but always keeping the faith…..

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