Last chance for a Mudhutter Wigan Athletic fanzine

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Let me first give thanks to everyone who bought a copy on Saturday after we sold out on the day, along with everyone who bought a copy online or took out a subscription.


It’s not too late if you want to get hold of one though as we do have a small stock of MFE Issue 38 available to be sent out online at a very affordable price. In fact. we’re cutting our own throats ere guv seeing as the cost of posting one out alone costs £1.20. We’re not in this to get rich though so we’ll hold the price for another week or so.


You can buy it online for the princely sum of £2 with free P&P

Click here to buy MFE38


Or you can take out a subscription for the whole season for just £9 including P&P (overseas on request)

Click here to subscribe for 2012/13


You can buy it from the following places: Sparks newsagent on Wallgate, Waterstones, the Brickmakers Arms, Mesnes Road or from the programme seller on Robin Park.


Or you can wait for our Kindle version to appear but I wouldn’t be holding your breath, ahem


Blurb follows anyway should you wish to know more……


The new Mudhutter is on sale this weekend with a new cover, new content, new design and a new price. Well actually the design has reverted back to the way it was a few years back. And the cover features an overdue acknowledgement of a long standing cult hero who also happens to be our current manager and you may have even seen that picture before if you are a keen aficionado of late 1990’s Wigan Athletic football programmes. The content is all new mind you, albeit written by the same bunch of people rambling on about the same things. And let’s not mention the price…..there are eight more pages mind you.


I’m not doing a very good job of selling this really am I? Well as the old adage goes “if it ain’t broke…” and if you are one of those lovely people who likes to read our cherished fanzine then the good news is we’re back with a bang for the new season. And to borrow another adage, good things come to those who wait. Unless you happen to be in a dentist’s waiting room pending some root canal work.


Anyway, enough blather it’s time for the pitch. I’ll be the sweaty man in the ill-fitting suit, you can be Deborah Meaden.


You can buy the Mudhutter directly from our sellers before the game on Saturday: on the bridge, opposite Rigalettos or roaming around the pubs looking on enviously whilst everyone else is having a pint.



And yes time to come clean, we have put the price up to £2. The humble excuses for this are as follows:


1)      The cost of printing it has gone up. It’ll be those disappearing rain forests

2)      We have been making a small loss for the last two years and we’re not millionaires you know despite our snooty exterior

3)      Our sellers can’t be bothered dealing with fifty pence pieces

4)      We are now paying to have this designed professionally again as neither of the editors have time to do it ourselves any more

5)      It’s our first price rise in 8 years

6)      We will now aim for a minimum of 48 pages instead of 40 or 44 pages and it’s ALL QUALITY


We beg forgiveness and ask that you continue to buy if you enjoy and thank you for your ongoing support.


And finally an exciting development:


Due to popular demand, there will be an opportunity to soon to read the Mudhutter online via your Kindle or eReader. It isn’t quite ready yet but we’re hoping to launch this very soon. It will be cheaper than the print version as we don’t have to pay to print it silly and will help move our little rag into the 21st century. Watch this space, he said with an air of scant conviction!





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