Left foot, Right foot, Header v2.0 #3 – Derby Things

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Nothing too fancy for this weekend’s perfect hat-trick, just three tracks with a tenuous link to today’s opponents and some last-minute clues to our Art of Football competition.  You’ll be pleased to know I haven’t got time to waffle on, so let’s get on with the music…

Left Foot: Future Islands – A Dream of You and Me

I said tenuous links didn’t I?  Today’s visitors are led by “the only man who could have saved Latics from the despair of the last few years” if only Dave Whelan had picked him instead of Owen effing Coyle.  Coyle got sacked after losing to Derby, which is nice but has nothing to do with this song.

No, this is all about Steve McClaren and, fans of the Athletico Mince podcast may be ahead of the rest of you here, his delicious hair island.  Future?  Well, they reckon male pattern baldness will get us all in the end, or something.

Right foot: Elastica – Car Song

“Will you **** me in daylight on your car”, well it seems like Justine from Elastic might if this, one of the best songs about car sex (are there other songs about car sex) that we’ve come across, is anything to go by.  Which is probably great news for Paul Sh Jagger Jewell who was famously implored to do just that, by his ‘other woman’ whilst writhing on the boot of his Merc.

The fact that his, erm, home video ended up being a newspaper splash proving the point that he beggered pretty much everything up during his time at Derby.


Header: Mis-shapes – Pulp

So you’ve listened to the latest podcast, right?  So I don’t need to go into Dylan’s story about having to buy £20 worth of M&Ms to park on a Toys R Us car park to watch a game at Derby, right?  Well, a) if not you can listen to the podcast on the link at the bottom of this article, there’s plenty of time before kick-off and b) I couldn’t find any songs about M&Ms so I’ve gone for a Pulp song which is clearly about the cheap bags of more expensive chocolates we just to get as a Saturday treat because they were a lumpen, mis-shapen mess.

Which pretty much sums up the Latics team over the last few weeks, so that’s nice…

Listen to the songs here:

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