Left Foot, Right Foot, Header #11 – A Rush and a Push

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I’ve been ill this week, I’m still ill in fact, I’ve spent most of the week in a daze but don’t worry about it.  I’m not after sympathy, I just want you to know how committed I am to the cause of giving you pop pickers the chance to get my view on the weeks event through the medium of tenuous links and YouTube videos.  So (cough) it’s time for (cough followed by puppy dog eyes) this week’s perfect hat-trick (holds head to forehead and collapses into a chair).


Left Foot: Happy Birthday – Altered Images           

Ah, Claire Grogan, the highlight of many a young man’s dreams.  Well, she was at least the highlight of one particular ten year old’s dreams, thirty or so years ago, as was the FA cup.  It’s fair to say that neither has quite the same appeal these days.  With Claire it’s just the passing of time and the changing of taste, with the FA Cup, it’s probably the same. 

It’s still the oldest and the best cup competition going and, as this article on twohundredpercent.net says,  really doesn’t need anything other than a change of attitude from the media and the fans.  And what better excuse for celebrating the good bits of the FA Cup than the FA’s own 150th Birthday celebrations. 



Right Foot: A Rush and a Push – The Smiths

Of course, it’s easy to talk about the romance of the cup being dead when you’re talking about a premier league club trying to fill its ground the week after new year, or expecting people to travel 250-odd miles on a Tuesday night.  But give it a few weeks and put an away tie against an old rival in front of us and the clamour for tickets is deafening. 

Not that old rivalries have much to do with the rush for tickets, but people can spot a good day out when there’s one in front of them, and Macclesfield is looking like it’s going to be up there.  I hope you got your tickets and I hope all of the 237 lads and lasses that made the trip down to Bournemouth this week got theirs as well.



Header:  Edwin Collins – A Girl Like You

Crowd figures have been banded about like nobody’s business this week.  Starting with the 900 missing City fans that didn’t turn up at the Emirates on Sunday and ending with the 58,359 that allegedly did last night.  Did someone mention 237, yes that’s how many Latics took to Dean Court and there were comparable figures in FA Cup replays up and down the country.   So what did rival fans do, that’s right, they took the mick, used the figures as evidence about how bad a club this one or that one (well mainly Latics) is.

The only really interesting comparison this midweek was in the cost of tickets.  Arsenal and Man United both played 3rd round cup ties at home to top-flight opposition on Wednesday, as did Barcelona.  Tickets for the game at the Nou Camp weighed in at €9, over here you’d be lucky if you were paying less than four times more.  And yet it’s ok to laugh at other club’s fans for not going to games?

Edwin has it wrong when he says “Too Many Protest Singers, Not Enough Protest Songs”.  As far as ticket prices and attendances go, there’s only one song and we should be getting as many people to sing it as possible.


Have Fun.

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