Left Foot, Right Foot, Header #15 – Buried Plans and Stormy Weather

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I tell you what, I’m feeling right miserable with this football malarkey at the minute.  Good performances against Watford, Maribor and Blackburn are currently looking like blots on the Coyle landscape after performances against Blackpool and Rubin Kazan that suggest that playing ping-pong and practising ways to “hit the front man early” really are the Scotsman’s answer to more traditional coaching methods.  Like practising passing, shooting and other basic skills whilst, I don’t know, having the opposition scouted and watching videos of their games.

And there’s your first tenuous link, because I’ve decide I’m going to try and lift the mood (mine if not yours) by chucking another perfect hat-trick your way.  There’s no videos of Charlton or QPR in the mix, but that’s not my job, so what you going to do about it?  Instead you’re getting three song loosely connected with this afternoon’s do in South East London.

Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise

“As I walk through the Valley, in the shadow of death…”


A fairly apt opening line for MC Owen Coyle, eh?  Well actually, probably not.  You see, no matter how down I am on Coyle’s tactics and (lack of) style of play, the season isn’t going badly, yet.  I’d be ungracious to suggest that unbeaten in Europe and poised to make a run on the play-off places with games in hand is anything less than a decent start, all things considered.

But, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, after 8 years of moaning about people’s expectations of Latics, I’ve generated a set of my own.  The difference, I suppose, is that I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect more than hitting, hoping and needlessly conceding possession to the opposition.

Minor Alps – Buried Plans


That said, today’s game could change all that, Charlton are in 20th placed table and only four points behind us and a win for them today could put a different spin on Latics’ season.  Which gives a perfect opportunity for an insight into how my mind works for these articles, the thought process for this one went:

  • Today could be the day “Reality Bites” for Latics
  • Mmmm, what was on the “Reality Bites” soundtrack apart from that U2 song the six-pack sung on X-factor last night?
  • Spin the Bottle by Juliana Hatfield.  That captures the randomness of our tactics at the moment
  • Mmm, wonder how Juliana Hatfield is looking… erm… what Juliana Hatfield is up to these days?
  • Oooh a new band “Minor Alps”
  • Aaah a song called “Buried Plans” an even better reflection of our tactics

Of course it helps that it’s a nice little folky number, perfect to distract you from the ensuing panic that might be coming over your internet come bed time tonight, if Owen Coyle doesn’t dig some of his “Buried Plans” out from behind the ping pong table.

Arctic Monkeys – She’s Thunderstorms


Apologies for chucking in an Artic Monkeys song in again, but I’m a bit obsessed at the moment and of course it’s relevant because, of course, the other thing that will be coming over your internet at bed time tonight will be loads of people going on about the blatantly obvious fact that it’s a bit windy and rainy outside.  The worst weather since Michael Fish told the nation that they needn’t be worried about it getting a bit blowy tonight.

Of course us northerners will be taking the opportunity to lord it up over the southern softies, point out that the weather’s always like that up here.  Whilst sitting inside with the fire on and the tele turned up loud and hoping that our fellow ‘tics who’ve gone south today have a safe journey home.

Right, that’s your lot, I’m off to try and work out why I had such a crush on Ms Hatfield back in the nineties and kick myself for not using Buzzcocks “Orgasm Addick” in the list.  Until next time…



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