Left Foot, Right Foot, Header #17 – ’81 Reasons

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Wow, what a week.  Three of the most pathetic capitulations you could ever wish to see, an argument between the manager and fans and then instead of the usual “if he goes then I do” schtick, Chairman Dave tag teams with the East Stand and body slams Owen Coyle into next season.

He then sets the clock back to 1995 by putting his first manager back in the hot-seat.  So here at TNS, we’ve taken Dave’s 1995 and raised him fourteen years back to 1981 when a lot younger but only a little bit harder looking Graham Barrow brought his impressive mane and ‘teacher combo to Wigan and started to boss the midfields of the fourth division.
Yes, we’ve got a coherent theme for this perfect hat-trick, but don’t worry, the rest of the links are as tenuous as usual.
UB40 – One In Ten
Gloat, not us.  As much as we’ve pretty much all (at varying speeds) taken against Owen Coyle here at TNS, not one of us finds unemployment a funny subject.  But then again our ex-manager is a victim of his own selection policy not the Tories (un)natural selection one.  If he’s kept his stamp up then he might be able to get JSA, but somehow I can’t see him being down Brocol House because he’s struggling with Universal Jobmatch any time soon.
Whilst we hope OC has a speedy return to employment, we’d really love it if it could be with someone like Preston or, go on then, Bolton again.
New Order – Everything’s Gone Green
Help me, somebody help me
I wonder where I am
I see my future before me
I’ll hurt you when I can
It seems like I’ve been here before
I’d try to claim that those words were laden with meaning, but as they were written by Bernard Sumner, it seems unlikely.  But they do seem appropriate.  Yet again, Latics are stood on the edge of another future and people will be starting to think that the grass is going to be greener.
But it’s a bit of a stretch to envisage some kind of Narnia type transformation, the Ice Queen may have been slain (in some people’s eyes) but it’ll take more than a few hours for the DW landscape to return to any previous glories.  The statues we have in our forward line may eventually spring back to life, but they may equally may remain as tributes to our most recent losses.
I suppose the message is to not expect too much, too soon.  Hypocritical of us?  No, as NRP explained yesterday, we don’t think that maintaining the ethos of the club is too much to ask from a manager.
Tenpole Tudor – Swords of a Thousand Men
I’m guessing that there’s sections of our support that are now cock-a-hoop that they rattled their sabres and the chairman responded with action.  I’d advise caution with both your cock-ness and your hoopidity.
Firstly because the notion of bowing to fan power doesn’t sit comfortably with my image of Mr Whelan.  In all likelihood, this is a happy co-incidence, an alignment of interests where the best thing for Dave, the club and the fans happens to be the same.  Secondly, even if he has let our feelings influence his, it would be wrong to het in a position where we think that we can do this on regular basis.
What we need is some calm after the storm, a team we can all get behind and a bit of unity in the stands.  We need to hit a big reset button for the last six months and whilst the big man has to do his job by selecting the right candidate, there’s a massive job we can do in the stands, as Jimmy pointed out to us the other day.
Still we’ve got to get someone in first and until then I’m sure we can all get behind Graham Barrow, if for no reason other thanhe still looks as if he could batter us all.
Until then… Have fun.

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