Left Foot, Right Foot, Header #4 – Sunderland (h)

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No match previews this week, I just can’t be doing with the clash of complexes that has become the build up to any Latics v Sunderland game.  I’ll leave the reasoning behind that superiority/inferiority divide for when I finally get around to sitting that psychology ‘A’-Level and try and get on with what will hopefully be a good game with a bit of a “returning manager” edge to it.

So instead of a preview, let’s look at the week with this perfect hat-trick.

It’s not over yet – The Klaxons

It’s all ok again now then?  Fabio and his makeshift team have made up for their lack of effort in South Africa?  Well in the normal run of things they might, but with Wazza playing away and the press pack’s lust for blood still not satiated two comfortable victories have only just about started to tip the scales back in favour of the national team.

If you’re not sick of hacks still moaning about this summer then you soon will be as King ‘Arry appears to have chucked ‘is ‘at in the ring for the job come 2012.  Expect two years worth of reminders that foreign managers are, well foreign and that Redknapp isn’t, and obviously that makes him a better coach. Or something.


Burning Down the House – Talking Heads

Nothing to do with football but I can’t let the chance to point out how bloody ridiculous it is that world has so quickly fallen into chaos because of one religious lunatic.  Nine years ago today, the world changed and it appears that we’ve learned precisely nowt.


Slight Return – The Bluetones

Welcome back to the small club with no fans that helped you with a leg up to Brucey, Cats and Tites, just remember that stepping stones can be a bit slippy when you go back over them.  Don’t get your feet wet.


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