May’s Merry Mudhutter

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Well, well, are we admitting being in a very good mood there? Devoid of cynicism and sarcasm? As merry as a mad monk who’s been at the mead? Who, us? You must be kidding!

They say it’s easier to be lazy and cynical than hard working and positive, well just call us Rip Van Winkle. Though we must be doing something right as we’ve managed to knock 52 pages out on a variety of topics of our choice.

There’s a look at North Korea’s history in the World Cup told by a man on the inside. Tony Topping looks at the curious case of the Mercantile Credit Trophy whilst we pour scorn over a certain Wigan based organisation’s fickle attempts to claim Latics achievements as their own.

Meanwhile Bagg heads to Blackpool twice and we give you our definitive players of the season. We profile the curious phenomenon of Wigan Athletic’s lightside and darkside supporters and give some thought as to why we always end up sh**housing over ticket allocations.

We get stuck into two of our favourite subjects – cricket and beer and in advance of Sunday’s game there’s a big feature on Wigan and Barnsley and some pretty special players links.

As it’s a big game on Sunday we have done the decent thing and printed an extra 100 copies solely with the intention of selling 90 of them to people who think it’s the programme but you don’t necessarily have to accost our cuddly sellers on Sunday to get hold of a copy.

You can buy it online now from our shop in print or digital format here:

Or you can pick it up from the following establishments: Waterstones in Wigan, Sparks newsagents on Wallgate, Brickmakers Arms on Woodhouse Lane, Northern Beer Temple, Mesnes Road News and somewhere else I’ve probably forgotten. What’s the point, nobody reads this bit anyway, I could be making anything up. Did you know that Ged Brannan used to be in Emmerdale Farm? See?

Anyway, all that remains is to thank everyone who has bought, sold or contributed to Mudhutter and especially our cheeky critics out there for keeping us on our toes. Have a great summer.

The Mudhuts team xx

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