Mudhutter subscriptions now available for 2014/15 season

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MFE subscription 14/15

Yes the MFE is back for the new season to give you it’s acerbic take on all matters close to our heart and yours. We’d love to tell you that we’ve had a tough pre-season getting ourselves leaner and meaner but that would be a wholly inaccurate statement designed to slip in a very ropey analogy relating to gum chewing sporting idols we purport to write about.
Issue 48 is our next one as we career hopelessly downhill into middle age in a tin bath but we’ve still got that fire in our bellies, or maybe it’s heartburn off the Hydes and the pies. There’s doesn’t seem any point in stopping now after riding the storm which has seen so many print fanzines disappear from the shelves with only some of them making the leap to digital.
Yet still conversely, there has been a new wave of print and club fanzines written with passion, enthusiasm and far more professionally produced than our little tome arriving on the scene over the last couple of years and it’s that spirit which keeps us looking forward and doing what we do for discerning followers of Wigan Athletic and selective readers from further afield.
Right, that’s enough middle management, mission statement bunkum for one article. Let us get to the sales pitch.
The first issue will be out on the 30th August and it will be the usual script of around 48 pages for two quid. We’ve already got a very, very exclusive interview in the bag which is going to stay in our, er, bag for now but it’s a cracker and highly revealing.

We’re hoping it’s going to be a springboard with where we want to go next season in terms of quality, innovation and of course excessive levels of inanity and grumpiness, especially with a “milestone” edition to be produced some time between now and Christmas.
You know what would inspire us even further? If loads of people went out and subscribed for another season, that’s what!
So to tempt you, we’re offering 5 issues for the price of 4 this season. The price has gone up overall but that’s because Royal Mail keep putting their prices up, nothing to do with us guv’nor. But we’ll even do 5 for 4 on the postage as well because we want you to subscribe.
In previous years we’ve had between 40 and 50 people paying up front for a season and knowing that we’ve got to produce the goods gives us that Karl Henry-style boot up the arris that we sometimes need.
The price is just £7.99 for 5 issues covering August to May plus another fiver for postage. Including what is sure to be a very special 50th issue, in what way we haven’t got a clue yet but we’ll think of something. You pay £12.99 for something which would cost £16.50 if you bought them individually.
Enough waffle, here is the link:


See you on the bridge, in fair weather or foul. Mainly foul if last season is anything to go by….


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