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Hello, good morning and welcome to your weekly look at what’s been going on at the good ship Pie at Night, with Wigan Athletic and the assorted flotsam and jetsam that bob along aside them like erm… flotsam and jetsam I suppose.  “A nautical theme?”, you ask, well I wasn’t planning one and have no idea where that first sentence came from, other than to say it’s a bit appropriate seeing as our week started down on the south coast at Bournemouth.  

And seeing as he’s now wandered off into the sunset, I can now do my joke about Ivan Toney earning us a draw at Dean Court.  Either way, it was an exciting affair and the tension in the last twenty minutes or so certain made Alan think twice about whether the romance of the cup is dead.  Read about it, and some other random things that were bothering him here:

Popping Cherries

Away from that, we were all excited by the return of Shaun MacDonald to the squad,

Such good news that the rumours of Lee Evans missing the cup game because Wolves were about to sell him to Sheffield Utd for a Latics budget busting £750k were almost palatable.  By the time Evans finally went, we’d welcomed Jamie Walker to the fold and were asking whether the team could actually be better off.  Only to get hit with the bad news yesterday…

Fingers crossed for Shaun, and let’s hope we see him back on the pitch soon.  

Still, at least we’re not Liverpool.  Imagine getting upset about losing one of your players for *only* £140 million.  Hopefully other clubs will be following liverpool’s lead by replacing shirts that people bought with the names of players that depart in January printed on them.

Not all Liverpool fans were quite so downhearted about it though, this chap in particular looking to come up with the next “Will Grigg’s on fire” to cheer people up…

Closer to home and Tuesday saw Jimmy have a chat with Emmerson Boyce.

Talk For Joseph

It wasn’t just aimless chit-chat though, as you’ll know because you’ve read it.  But Jimmy’s tweet probably sums it up best.  

There’ll be more news about how you can get involved soon so keep your eyes peeled.

From Latics legends, we moved to Latics leg ends and the latest vote in our quest to build the worst ever Latics squad.  It seems that justice prevailed with the winner of our Winger Group Two (because some people don’t know the difference between left and right) Poll being genuinely one of least effective players ever to pull on the shirt.  

That led us to our obligatory podcast promo.  Jimmy providing our week two run down and trying to avoid the question everyone was asking.  Is there too much football in it?

Eighty bottles of beer on the wall

Somewhere around this point, “Any News Al?” had slipped the bombshell that the Latics takeover was as good as done and that the delay now sat with the Football League who were doing their bit to ratify the sale.  In the search for news, we came across this.  

As we said at the time, we assume it’s made up, but who knows what might come out at that first press conference.

It definitely won’t be a plug for our t-shirts mind.  Four new designs joined the fold this week and you can find them now, in our shop, with the assorted t-shirts, mugs and jumpers that we try to flog to pay for the upkeep of this place and batteries for the sound recorder we use to subject you to the podcast.

Buy one, not because it stops us losing money, but because they’re actually quite nice, or so people tell us.

Ok, so when we say “lose money” we’re not talking about our kids going hungry, we’d be stupid if we let that happen, especially as Alan is full of tips on how his mum used to spread the family food budget over the week.  

Cooking up a plan

As sure as a chippy tea follows a #councilteathursday then Friday brings our 12th Man columns.  This week, Jimmy plots revenge against the Posh and gets a(nother) dig into Shrewsbury,

Lapping it up

Sean (as always) is a little less controversial, focussing on the Bournemouth game (not that he likes to talk about Bournemouth, did you know he went to the cup replay there in 2013 for example, I thought not)…

Nearly a famous victory

To wrap things up, we’ve got three tweet of the week contenders.  Firstly, in third place, there’s this shocking effort from Sleaford Mods, that proves what all us northerners knew already, that southerner do chippys all wrong…

Then we have this brilliant spot that proves that the acting and quality standards on Corrie are as high as they’ve ever been

And our winner this week goes to Leeds, where @deadbloke asks the question we’d all be asking this week, if only we were funny and clever enough…

Anyway, enjoy the game today, if you’re going.  If not then enjoy B&Q…

See you on the other side.


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