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The latest Pie at Night podcast is online and features tales of sporting excellence, goalkeeping woes and scurrilous rumours aplenty. The regulars are joined once more by Luke aka @WeahsCousin who is taking a break from making stuff up on the internet to talk about Latics’ current plight.

We deal the important matters of the day, such as, is it OK for grown men to cry at a football match? In light of the Jakub Haugaaurd situation – what’s the strangest reason you’ve ever heard for a footballer to be picked or indeed not picked for a team?

We discuss the last few games at left and the catalogue of errors which has brought us sadly to our knees, well, on the cusp of League One. Plus we consider who on earth is going to be the next manager and rue missing out on Harry Redknapp because we failed to build a little Sandbanks style holiday island for him next to the ground on the River Duggy. That may well have swung it, along with an emergency request to bring in Crouchy and Niko Krancjar.

We break for a bit of a Cardiff themed tune before discussing our sporting achievements in light of Nick Powell’s eleven minute hat–trick against Barnsley with Football, Cricket, Running and Darts (is that even a SPORT?) feats good and bad thrown on the table.

As we reach the bitter end, we cover the next two rounds of the Emporium of S***e. N offers up some pretty slim pickings; and some of the names mentioned would undoubtedly drop those pickings anyway. By comparison, the letter O offers up some prestige entries into our Hall of Shame, and a few who perhaps shouldn’t be near the place.

The podcast closes with us offering forward some things about the team and town who now have the chance to seal our fate, Reading, covering everything from Waitrose, the Prime Minster’s Milk Tray men style bodyguards and Scott Green getting chased around the pitch by a Royals fan. Possibly the only comedy moment of a truly terrible night.

You can listen to the latest Pie at Night podcast in full via your favourite podcast app, or on the player below.  Enjoy…


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