Passion or bitterness?

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Passion or bitterness?

You will struggle to find a dictionary definition of either, at least not in a football sense yet for many years, we – as in Wigan Athletic fans – have been dubbed the “bitter blues” by people who either don’t support a football team, or in most cases, choose to instead support a football team from a random city who happen to win lots of trophies.

Each to their own and all that, however – let us give you Exhibit A:


All those years telling people Wigan is a rugby town. All those years telling people that you don’t even know that Wigan Athletic exist and yet still some spotty oiks feel the need to vandalise a council sponsored initiative supporting Wigan Athletic.

You keep telling yourselves that “Wigan is Cherry and White” if it make you feel better

You keep telling yourselves that “Wigan is Cherry and White” if it makes you feel like you can justify your hatred of your home town football team.

You keep putting sneaky little stickers everywhere when nobody’s looking and trying to convince yourselves that this is “passion” when most rational people in this town know full well that it is borne out of pure hatred

There’s the difference. Some silly kids who don’t know any better get stickers printed and vandalise our fair town, while us Latics fans…well we’ll get on with enjoying ourselves in the town we call our own, whether you like it or not.

So a quick, spot the difference






With lots of love,

From the fans of your local football club that you tried to wipe out xx


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