Pee-ing in the Wind

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Dean Windass, Dean F**King Windass! Now I’ve said before that Jewell will be judged on his results and the future of his job relies on his signings, but it’s hardly what you expected is it? I’ve got to admit I was more gob smacked yesterday morning than I was on Monday when the Owen story broke. Jewell has been quoted as saying “dean is a premiership player”, now as I remember he didn’t really look the part when he was playing there, he’s a grafter and does pull the odd special moment out of the bag, but can he be relied on for it?

Comparisons have been made with Sheringham, ‘Never had pace… etc’, but Sheringham was an international class player, Windass never was and whilst he may be playing below his level at the moment, I’d be surprised if his real level (at the age of 36) was the premier league. And don’t get me started on the fact that we’ve allegedly had a close to £500,000 bid rejected for him. The general consensus seems to be “thank god Bradford have turned us down”.

Less surprising is the lack of success we’ve had elsewhere Norwich have rejected a £5 million bid for Dean Ashton, a player they had valued at £10million a couple of days earlier (and has no signed a new contract). Efforts in Turkey have so far come to nowt us bidding £3million (ish) for Fatih Tekke again an undervaluation of a player who’s been rated at £7 million of the last few weeks.

PJ’s reasoning for the rejection is that he thinks that the Turkish side doesn’t want to sell their best striker because it may upset the fans (should we mark that one up as a lesson learned?). Now much of the higher evaluation will be paper talk and if Jewell doesn’t want to pay that then so be it, as long as that is the deal, if not there’s no point in winding everyone up is there?

So Jewell turns his eyes elsewhere and already there’s a raft of candidates Nugent at Preston, Fryatt from Walsall and David Connelly have all been mentioned and there’ll be more. I wouldn’t like to start counting the players we’ll be linked with over the next 5 days, hopefully we can manage to get some in and they’ll be of decent quality. Us fans will just have to sit back and hold tight until then, once we hit September this nonsense will be over and we can sit back and enjoy the football, at least until we get to January anyway.

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