St Etienne, @WeahsCousin and fascinating facts about Burton

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Well, two out of three ain’t bad

Yes somehow the Pie At Night crew have managed to get to 10 episodes and to celebrate we are joined by a very special guest in the form of Internet troll/prankster/sensation @WeahsCousin.

More importantly for our benefit, our guest is also a Latics fan so we manage to review the last few games leading up to the international break before moving on to more serious matters

Such as which football manager would you like to see get done in a corruption sting or caught commiting a heinous crime? Does Keith Hill steal bird’s eggs? Could Eddie Howe get caught kicking a dog? Did Gareth Southgate miss that penalty on purpose to get free pizza?

We take a depressing look at the England qualifiers and the debating of Big Sam without even bothering to use the phrase “root and branch reform” and ask whether  Wayne Rooney has finally turned into the alehouse footballer he always looked like he was going to be.

We talk what’s hot on telly and put forward our biggest fashion disasters before moving on to the latest instalment in our ever popular emporium of s***e feature. This month we’re up to the letter F and you wouldn’t have to bet a FORTUNE to guess at least one of the names to be suggested for inclusion. And quite how Caleb Folan managed to get “Premier League striker” on his CV is another subject of some mystification.

Also as is customary, the team attempt to come up with 5 Burton things between them and find it somewhat tricky given their general non descriptness.

Coming up with Leeds things is remarkably easier, least of all the extortionate pricing the sleeping giant are inflicting upon any traveling Wiganers. Needless to say, the fact that none of us are paying “them prices” and actually going doesn’t stop us recommending a few good places to eat and drink there.

We finish on a world exclusive as Dylan relays to us the results of the North Korean Open golf Championships, a tournament not reported on anywhere else in the world including North Korea probably. We’re nothing if not unconventional.

Weighing in at just over an hour, the podcast is complimented with music from Saint Etienne, allowing certain contributors to come clean about their fixation with the delectable Sarah Cracknell and a spot of disco from Patsy Gallant.

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