The Wigan Athletic Room 101 – F is for FFFFFFFF

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Yes it’s time for the latest instalment in the Wigan Athletic Room 101 and with it being the letter F this month, you’d have thought it would be a tap in given we recently had a centre forward who was incapable of scoring a tap in during his 69 off appearances or even a goal of any kind.

Yet we’ve never been the types to stand on convention here at the Pie At Night and this applies to our guest as well, one @WeahsCousin of this very parish who performed an act of instant sacrilege by naming an FA cup winner as his entrant.

All is forgiven however upon discovering that it was everyone’s favourite chunky nugget Fraser Fyvie, described by one of our correspondents as “looking like one of those old Jamaican women who wears a ginger wig.”

Ian plumped for Gareth Farrelly, the player who he made a faux pas about last time out by claiming he kept US up, referring to his time at Everton (Gareth not Ian) Presumably a slip of the tongue brought on by our Evertonian guest. He did nothing spectacular, indeed nothing of note for us.

Chris opts for Andy Farrell, purely due to the fact he shares his name with a Wigan Rugby player. There’s a nomination for David Fairclough, a famous protégé of the Anfield boot room known as Supersub but by the time he arrived at Springfield Park, there was nothing left about him that could remotely be described as Super.

At this point it seems like we were in danger of omitting marvellous MAF especially when Al throws in Caleb Folan, who scored the odd crucial goal but is probably stretching it a bit to have the words Premier League striker on his CV.

There’s also honorary mentions for David “Flapper” Felgate, Simon “Farny” Farnworth and somewhat controversially Damien Francis, who received some mixed opinions.

On to the poll and there appears to have been a bit of poetic licence upon putting the poll online with regard to Don Cowie. You see we only had 7 names and needed to make it up to 8, so allow we to apologise for the bad language which follows below, even though it’s what most people used to say when he was playing.

So late sub Don Cowie romped the first heat, however the second was a lot more competitive with Fraser Fyvie giving Marco Antoine Fortune a run for his money.

Of course this paved the way for a Cowie versus Fortune final and common sense prevailed as Fortune just sneaked home to take his rightful place in the Wigan Athletic Emporium of Sh**e. 

Go and join Don in the naughty corner, Marc……

Who’s in the reckoning for the letter ‘f’ entry in the Emporium of Sh*te?  Listen to episode eleven of our podcast and find out.  Use the player below or search for us in your favourite podcast app.

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