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Can defeats ever be positive?

In the modern world of football and instant gratification I’m not sure it can.

But there was certainly a lot of positives to take from Kolo Toure’s first home game in charge.

The defending for both goals was disappointing, but this is to be expected with a new style of play currently being implemented.

What was heartening was the reaction in the second half. Latics pressed and pressed Sheffield United, and were the side at the end who looked most likely to score.

Sadly the damage had been done in the first half and early on in the second.

Then it was always going to be a mountain to climb, against a side packed full of Premier League talent who look like they’re heading straight back to the Premier League.

Kolo spoke post match about being braver on the ball and even though he wants the lads to be braver, you can see there’s been a change in attitude already in the short time he’s been here.

We had the most possession in the game and matched Sheffield United for attempts. Of course many will say that doesn’t matter unless you put the ball in the back of the net but that will come with time.

It was heartening to see us run at defenders with the ball. I’m more confident that we’ll turn this around now but Kolo needs to be given time, and those players who for them this new style is completely alien need backing more than anything.

It was also heartening to see Roberto Martinez, Graham Barrow and Kevin Reeves in attendance against Sheffield United on Monday.

There was a famous picture doing the rounds of Bobby in the Wigan branch of Curry’s at the weekend.

Despite what you may think of the man as a Football manager he’s clearly made Wigan his home and there’s not many managers who would be watching second division Wigan Athletic after they’ve just managed in the World Cup.

I bet he was heartened by some of the football on show from Latics in that second half (if not the defending)

It’s going to be a rocky road over the next few weeks but Middlesbrough represents a golden opportunity on boxing day to get something.

That something being three points, for the first time since the Auf Pet lads sold the Transporter bridge to an American tribe (ask your dad’s) from under the nose of the Smoggies.

Have a good Christmas and let’s hope for three points from the big man on Boxing Day.

Sean Livesey

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