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With the prizes now safely nestled at Chez Perm it’s as good a time as any to go live with the winners of our Peter Houghton print competition. These great early Christmas presents will soon be winging their way off to forum regular Old Wolf and Facebook follower Phil Parkinson. Both are reportedly cock-a-hoop with their booty with Old Wolf pulling the old “I never win anything me” back story out of the hat. I can also confirm that the rumours Phil registered 60 hotmail accounts (do they still exist?) just make sure of his prize are completely fabricated.

If you’ve missed out in the competition, you can still get your hands on one of the prints direct from Milkyone Creative.

Available in a limited run at 30cm x 40cm using quality 300gsm card stock, and with Christmas just around the corner ten of your English pounds looks a complete steal. Get them on your list for Santa or simply just treat yourself before they are gone. You can pick up one of the prints over at the Milkyone Creative website by clicking on the image below. If you’re a supporter of another football team that’s stumbled across this article by accident, or a Latics fan who likes a non-tic enough to buy them a present, have a browse about there are quite a few treats for anyone who has got some wall space and an understanding partner.

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