Prosecco and Pie

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Welcome to the thirtieth episode of The Pie at Night, in which Jimmy, Alan and Ian offer a welcome return to Chris and brave payday in the Royal Oak to try and record a podcast, and survive.  

Amongst the prosecco fueled crowd, the lads get underway by tasting the squirrel pie that Jimmy told us he’d brought back from Melton Mowbray last time around.   He’s had it in the freezer (we hope) and surprisingly it doesn’t taste like chicken, but you’ll have to listen to find out what it does taste like.  

Next up it’s Ian’s turn to quiz the rest of us with his quick fire questions, the ABBA format has gone out the window already, rumours that it’s because Ian doesn’t know the third letter of the alphabet are so far unfounded.  

And then, it’s football as we look back to the Pompey game and forwards to the Transfer Window SLAMMING SHUT!  Wondering how many of our the ins and outs Alan is aware of?  I think he probably still is too.  

It’s then time for a musical interlude as we go well early on the Urban Hymns 20th anniversary tip and apologise for missing the biggest music event of the summer.  

We keep the football quota up by taking a look at our FA cup competition, finding out whether anyone still has their original teams before moving on to answer the important questions.  Like whether Chris can be bothered joining in, whether there’s anything interesting about Shrewsbury and what’s going to happen to the Emporium of Sh*** now we’ve got to the letter Z.

There’s probably other stuff in there too, but we’d had a drink, so don’t expect us to remember the detail, you’ll have to listen back and tell us.

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