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The Wigan Athletic worst* right back poll

As if to prove that the right back position has always been a problem position (or not) for Wigan Athletic, the Pie At Night crew only listed four right backs in total as we pored our way through the alphabet.

Nevertheless, we begin with a round of nominations from the panel and Alan didn’t hesitate to throw Scott Green forward (as was his penchant) again although does also pose the question “did Paul Scharner ever play right back?”

Chris goes for James Tavernier, a right back who wasn’t very good at defending and went on to great things after leaving us by skinning fishmongers from Alloa for Rangers in the SPL.

There’s a mention for Ronnie Stam but we felt it decidedly unfair, as he was quite possibly not a right back at all.

Alan, back in controversial corner, throws Donervon Daniels and Donald Love into the mix, and Jimmy mentioned Jonjoe Kenny at this stage as well but these are all a bit harsh.

Given the paucity of candidates we threw it out to social media and got such names as Ian Breckin (because he was a terrible right back) and Crewe cast off Chris “Bambi” Duffy, who we’re not sure where he played but was known to occasionally play at No.2.

Jimmy went for Stephen Appleton, a young lad who was woefully out of his depth, whereas Alan added in Richard Edghill who was one from the original list.

To the polls! We had two semi finals and heat one saw James Tavernier and Stephen Appleton see off the threat of Richard Edghill and Scott Green.

Heat two was won at a canter by fleet footed Alice band wearer Ronnie Stam who saw off Chris Duffy in 2nd and Mark Wright (no, not the TOWIE one, nor the ex England and Liverpool captain) and a perhaps harsh inclusion of Donervon Daniels.

So to the final and we have to ask the question: were Ronnie Stam and James Tavernier worse than Stephen Appleton and Chris Duffy?

Of course they weren’t!

Did the general public vote give more votes to Stam and Tavernier than Appleton and Duffy?

Of course they did!

Are the Pie At Night podcast crew just going to award Scott Green as the winner anyway because two of them loathed him?

Probably. You’ll have to wait and see.

We’re too busy engaged in an existential debate as to how we can ethically skew our research to redress that 2 players who played in the upper echelons for the club 5 years ago in front of 15,000 fans are worse than 2 who played when we were bottom of the ok division 4 in front of less than 1,500 fans 25 years ago.

It’s obvious really.


*when we say worst, we don’t mean worst any number of factors such as ability, affability, laughability or whether Alan has ever got on the wrong side of them in a pub could have led to a player’s nomination. The rest is down to the public vote, and we all know how well they go…

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