Roberts an Addick?

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The club’s silence on Jason Roberts has finally been broken, perhaps unsurprisingly, by the chairman, and even less surprisingly in a way that basically says sod him. Desperate to prove that there’s no man (except him perhaps) bigger than the club, Mr. Whelan has pointed out that it’s he and not the player who decides the terms of departure and yes, if he doesn’t want to stay, he doesn’t have to, as long as he can find a club that will pay 3million for him.

More interestingly Whelan has also told the world that the whole situation is due to Roberts and that the club hasn’t even made the player an offer yet, let alone an insulting one, something that Roberts’ agent has been quick to refute. According to him all Jason wants is to sort things out with Charlton.

Now I’d dismissed that bit of rumour as a bit of bull but when you scratch the surface it appears that talks have been going on for a couple of weeks, and we got accused of tapping Heskey up?

Other topics on a busy day for the Kaiser where Pascal Chimbonda (like Roberts he’s still our player and he can share up or rot) and the England team. Whether or not he’s qualified or it’s his place to comment, this seems to be his favourite subject, or at least the one journalists know will get him going. Ericsson still isn’t good enough, but he challenges him to prove him wrong, kindly offering him the suggestion that 4-3-3 is the way to win the world cup, confusingly though he tells up that Walcott (presumably the third forward) is little more than a ballboy and shouldn’t have been selected.

To be honest I’ve missed the old man, and it’s nice to see he’s still giving it loads. Although you do have to wonder whether it will do the club any favours as the transfer market gets into gear.

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