Should England Boycott the 2018 World Cup?

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We’ve seen all the media frenzy in regards to FIFA & believe me this hasn’t been ongoing since Wednesday.

The FIFA PR spin since 2010 has slowly been picking off deadwood in the background to appease the English Press & the corporate sponsors.  But the key word is ‘slowly’ & looking like the wrong timber too.

To support these background actions, FIFA’s conducted its own internal investigation with Michael Garcia.  Their summary reported the English FA was in part to blame for corruption within the 2018 bidding process & FIFA have recently blamed ‘hate’ in the USA due to them losing out to Qatar for 2022, also a reason for the impressively timed FBI operation.

Sponsors are finally using stronger PR based words to FIFA, but they’re just words.

Yes, FIFA have said they’ll conduct another investigation, after the last investigation & the FBI have said they anticipate more rounds of arrests.  Assuming as the 14 arrested use their bargaining position to reduce their sentences!

So as the media frenzy slackens, the FBI continue with their extradition & investigation work and of course FIFA do their next internal investigation, we all wait for next instalment of the drama that is FIFA.

So why we wait, it does beg the question:

Should England Boycott the 2018 World Cup?

Now I’m not one to support Militant action, I remember the winter of 78/79, but should UEFA not withdraw from FIFA and set up their ‘Cup of the World’ competition?  Force the issue for a true independent investigation?

I would imagine on their own England would be ‘on their own’, but if UEFA did this boycott along with Oceania, would be interested on what next steps CONMEBOL (South American Teams) would do?

See they’re actually probably the lynch pin in all this.  Would Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay want to win a World Cup without European teams?  Of course which way they turned, I’d assume CONCACAF would follow (All other American Teams).

Then FIFA would be left with their Asian & African support, so which sponsors would want to be associated with the corrupt half baked 2018 World Cup between Nigeria & Japan in Moscow?

Begs the question!

That 1 question would then generate a number other questions too.

I would also imagine the likes of Sky TV would be there with their bowls finally getting the chance for decent summer time Football.  Sponsors would prefer to be guaranteed (I know I Know) having their logo against an uncorrupted final of say Brazil Germany.  Also could we take the opportunity to have a Competition were the football stadiums are already established, so not to burden the host with building unnecessary stadiums to a FIFA standard?

That’s just 3 questions, but returning back to the first question, should England boycott the 2018 World Cup with UEFA to force the issue with FIFA?

What do you think?


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