Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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So the move back from London is done, last box made it back to Wigan this morning.


There is some logic to my return; it’s got to do with Builders!  The Extension is almost done at the back of my own HQ & the Big Blue Ribbon will be cut soon.  Oh we’ll feature the Builders again later.



So to the TNS Offices, yes I know we haven’t been for some time, what with London, all I can say is its bloody mess.  All I got on my return was a ‘Welcome back lad’ from Steve, who quickly buried his head back in to his Sky Sports Rothmans Football Year Book.  Bert the Janitor was quiet in the corner making an Effigy Doll of Tony Pulis, muttering something like ‘No soddin way is he coming here’…


More about the TNS team later.


Anyway I digress, to Wigan Athletic News.  Well there isn’t any, like Brenda & her empty chair, the News has been pushed back a week.


Bob & Big Dave are still thrashing out Terms, the good News is Bob isn’t packing his bags.  Apparently Bob wants to stay if Dave can pop in to B&Q and buy a few things for the Academy and the Training Ground, to spruce them up.  I’ve heard Eggshell paint is on offer at £7.98 for 5 Litres.


Though I don’t think Eggshell, will do it!  Think it’s more a ‘State of the Art Building’ & some better Indoor & outdoor Training pitches.  So why we are on about this, I did mention my Builders, they should be free in the next Month, if you want them to start on the new Academy Building?  I know Pete is a staunch Evertonian & he doesn’t want Bob at Everton, so he’s willing to build the whole thing at reasonable rates.


As for the turf, I relayed my front lawn last year and picked up a handy tip from Alan Titchmarsh, using a Kitchen knife to cut the turf into shape.  So Bob & Dave I’m willing to offer my services to lay a new Pitch if that’s what’ll take to keep Bob here at Wigan?


So overall, it means the Wigan Athletic fans will have to continue to sit on the edge of their seats for a few more days.


Other news has seen a few players leave due to their contracts including Robles, Alcaraz, Figueroa, Scharner, Stam and Di ‘Flecto’ Santo.  As soon as we hear who’s going to replace them we’ll let you know.  Just hope when Dave comes out of B&Q, he not got a bloke called Colin from Aisle 16 who he’ll sign on as the new Left Back.





Album cover is ‘Combat Rock’ from the Clash, with their Aptly titled song “Should I Stay or Should I Go” – Thanks

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