Sixy Talk – Balti Pies and Bescot Banter

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We’re a little bit better prepared this week, getting out and about mid-week searching high and low (aka looking on Twitter) for a Walsall fan to talk about this week’s important issues.  And so we found, the aptly named Pete Sadler (@Pistol_PeteS9).  Erstwhile member of the Bescot Banter team.

Bescot Banter ‘launched’ in the summer of 2010, when there were very few active websites dedicated to the Saddlers, and, like us all, they spied an opportunity to share their unqualified opinion with the masses!  Since then they’ve moved on to become a news site, sharing match previews, stats and reports, along with the occasional interview and blog shoehorned in for good measure.


With all the excitement of around this Saturday’s top of the table clash, we couldn’t help ourselves, sitting Pete down and jumping straight in with the question that’s on every Latics’ fans mind…


It’s a while since we’ve been down to see you, how’ve you been keeping?  Do you still have Balti pies at the Bescot? Who makes them these days?

Not bad thanks. Having had good parts of seasons in the last few terms added with some poor patches either side; resulting in mid-table mediocrity, we finally seem to be getting our house in order.

The community spirit at the club is our real plus point as simply we cannot compete with the bigger boys on wages and/or transfer fees. We have a great bunch of lads assembled over the last few years that have really bought into the attacking/possession game we employ. It’s great to watch when we are on form, although it doesn’t always work!

We do still have the odd Balti pie knocking around, we do chips in the upper tiers of the Tile Choice Stand too, though not for riff-raff such as yourselves.

Is it nice to have us back in the lower divisions?  What do Walsall fans really think about 2016’s Wigan “they’re a big club now” Athletic?

I don’t really give two hoots who is in the division but I’m sure you Latics have realised that it’s a lot harder to get out of the division than you anticipated? Maybe I’m wrong.

It wasn’t too many moons ago that I was watching you boys play Villa at home in the Premier League in an evening game (a late winner coming from James Milner) and now look where we all are. Hopefully one of us are playing our bigger boy neighbours next season…and I don’t mean our regular pre-season friendly.

You’re doing well in the league this season. Is that part of a bigger plan, or is it just one of those seasons?  Do you think you can see it through?

The recent success is definitely the culmination of several years of hard work. The club evolved under former manager Dean Smith, and the ‘football philosophy’, which started under his tenure, should be continued under new Gaffer Sean O’Driscoll.

Our form early on this season took most of us, me included, by surprise. As I mentioned above we seem to have good runs of games followed by some dross. This season we have found a bit of resilience and picked up points where before we wouldn’t have, which is pleasing.

I’d suggest that the lack of pressure at the beginning of the season together with the strong team bonds forged over the last few years really helped. Now it’s coming towards the business end of the season I just hope the positivity remains and the lads don’t get the jitters. This will be a huge test for us!

I suppose we’d best talk about the match, how do you reckon it will go?  Who are you worried about in our team, who should we be worried about?

Trying to predict the Saddlers results is ridiculously hard. Whenever they are expected to win they seem to struggle because teams set up to defend and are happy to take a point. However if a team fancies taking a gamble for all three points the Saddlers normally put in a performance and at least get a share of the spoils. Based on that I guess you guys want to gamble and I’d fancy us to get something out of the game.

I’m always worried about a returning striker with a point to prove and you have our favourite arch-villain in Will Grigg.  Him and fellow Midlander Craig Davies are surely worth a punt for a FGS bet.

As for who the Lactics should be worried about I would have to say the obvious in Romaine Sawyers. The kid is class and a joy to watch when he is on point. I don’t think some of our own fans know how lucky we are to have him and if we don’t get promoted this year I think he will leave for bigger things…and good luck to him, he definitely has the talent!

Oh and how could I forget Bob. You should be aware of him. He sits just behind the home dugout and is the scourge of away managers. Step in the pitch, swear or clap too much and Robert will be on your back. You’ve been warned.


Before we go, tell us why you’re not Brummies (although I can’t guarantee our fans calling you that on Saturday)…

Pretty simple really; Walsall isn’t in Birmingham. Therefore we aren’t Brummies. We are Walsall FC from the Black Country, you may hear that chanted a lot on Saturday as the ‘Upper the Saddlers’ campaign continues to try an improve the matchday atmosphere.

And now, the important stuff,  what’s your favourite half time pie?  How do you go about eating it and where do you stand on pies with a creamy filling?  Are they really a pie, or are they just a wet quiche?

My favourite halftime snack would have to be a pie-nt. I’ll humour you though, turn it on its head and eat the soggy bottom before savouring the filling and finishing off with the crispy top. No creamy filling you joker! Beef and onion all the way. What’s a qwit-che? Probably some posh nonsense for big clubs.

Interesting technique there Pete, but as long as you stay away from the ham and creamed leeks then the jobs a good un.  Thanks for your time and good luck for the rest of the season.  No, sorry, we don’t really mean that, not at our expense anyway.  Hopefully, you’ll have enough good luck to enjoy a day out at Wembley, we’ve spent enough time there recently.

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