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Alright lads and lasses, I’ve just got back from a few days scouting (not like that) in Wales.  Did I miss anything?  No?  Great, let’s move on to tomorrow’s trip to Cardiff then, after all, who needs a manager when you can drag a local off the streets and ask them a few daft questions?  That’s got to be better than three points and a move out of the relegation places, hasn’t it?

Ok, maybe not, but I can only guarantee you one of those things and this week’s victim willing volunteer comes fresh from a chance meeting in one of Cardiff’s finest hostelries, I’ll let him introduce himself…

I am Sean Brazel, a train driver for DB cargo, who was once an avid Cardiff city fan, but not so avid now! I wonder why that is?

1) It’s not been that long since we’ve played you but both clubs have been through a bit in the meantime, how’ve you been keeping?

keeping well, and watered!


2) What colour kit are you playing in these days?  Has the relationship between fans and chairman settled down yet or are you still asking yourself whether it was all worth it for that season in the Premier League?

back to our blue kit at home, and the usual red away. As regards to chairman and fan relationships, it’s very poor, as half of my mates have not even renewed their season ticket this year. This includes myself. yes, it was worth it, even if only for the new grounds and new pubs to add to my tick list. what a shame. Room for improvement?


3) Malky Mackay, footballing saviour or a very naughty boy?

A saviour I say, mostly adored by his fans here at Cardiff.


4) My sources tell me you’ve been around a bit?  Have you managed the 92 yet?  How many pubs does that equate to, and whilst we’re on the subject what are the top 5 pubs our fans should look out for in Cardiff this weekend?

No I haven’t, there are 14 left to see the city away and missed the only new one this season! Which was October the 1st away to Burton Albion, being away watching wales in Vienna.

Pubs worthy of a good swill include, Urban Tap House (of which I’m a patron) City Arms, New Small Bar, Brew Dog, (all in town) not missing out Chapter Arts Centre in Canton, renowned for its magnificent German beer selection and six guest real ales, easy walking distance from CCFC grounds. Not to mention the menu, which is loaded with goodies, unfortunately, not Clarks pies, but I’m working on them.

I must add, the major Clarks Pie shop is within walking distance of Chapter, worth a visit. just ask someone the way to Victoria Park.


5) Back to football, how do you see the game going?  Is there anyone in our team that you’re remotely concerned about, who do we need to watch out for in your side?

Yeh, Will Grigg, as he’s always on fire according to the Northern Ireland song.

I think you should keep a keen eye on Whitts, but Pilkington is strong, also Gunnerson is a force to be reckoned with. He had a good euro presence with Iceland as their captain.


6) Now for the serious stuff.  Our resident pie guru ( @mudhutter swears by Clarks pies, but I got one from Cardiff Market once and found it a bit dry.  Are they really one of the best in the country?  What’s your favourite flavour and how do you go about eating it?

Yes, I’m from Cardiff, but to be honest, Clarks pies are nice if you like loads of crust. I eat mine by removing the lid and dipping e chips in the glorious gravy. I’ve known people to simply squeeze them to get the gravy oozing out the top through a small hole you’ve crafted in the end. It’s become synonymous with Cardiffians, Clarks pie and chips. lush!


Cheers Sean, we’ll let you go back to your pint, but if you get chance can you let Clarks know to order extra in for Saturday, no chips required.

Have fun…


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