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“Do you remember when them Pie at Night idiots used to talk to fans of other clubs about how they ate pies and stuff?  I really miss that”.  Said none of you ever.  But you know what, we enjoy it and have been meaning to bring it back all season, it’s just that our intrepid reporters have been too busy arguing about chippy teas and thinking up daft questions for the gaffer to do anything about it.

Until now.  Which is good, because our opponents on Saturday have quite a bit to say for themselves that, even if we’re not quite ready to learn from, we should all get behind and support.

So off we trekked to the Cala Gran, Fleetwood for a word with, well, you’ll find out…

Who are yer?

Hi Guys, my name is Gareth White, 40 years old (but look older due to being a Blackpool fan), and I’ve been a Seasider for over 30 years. I’ve recently been elected to the Blackpool Supporters’ Trust Committee (BST). We have many aims, but the main one is for the supporters to own a majority share of Blackpool Football Club.

You can find out more information about BST at


1 – Hiya.  Are you going to the game on Saturday? 

Sadly, I am not. I will not set foot inside Bloomfield Road until Blackpool Football Club is rid of the Oyston family. It’s not an easy decision and is done with a heavy heart but I can no longer fund a regime who sues and openly mocks its own fans. However, I will be handing out leaflets outside the ground, so if you see me, say hello.

I’m sure that all visiting Wigan fans will notice how few Blackpool supporters actually attend the match at Bloomfield Road. This decision to boycott all home games has not been taken lightly. The Oyston family who are currently majority shareholders of Blackpool FC have openly mocked and sued fans, and have removed money from the club to place into other business interests. The club’s training facility, Squires Gate, is well known for being less than suitable…as Ian Holloway once referred to it as “..a hellhole”.

The last few years have not been easy for Seasiders and the ethical boycott that the majority of us are undertaking is seen as one of the few options we have to bring about change at the top of the tree at Bloomfield Road.

As fellow football fans, we of course understand that you want to come to Bloomfield Road and support your team. However, if you can support our protest and show solidarity it would be greatly appreciated.

You can do this by not purchasing any match programmes, lottery tickets and any food and drink from inside the ground. Local businesses have been greatly impacted by the downward spiral at the club so would greatly appreciate your custom.


2 – I know some Chinese Lads who are looking to invest in an English football team.  Do you want their numbers?

Yes, yes I do. I think I’d take a Martian’s number at the moment if he brought about change at Blackpool! 

Seriously though, of course many clubs have had new owners and false dawns which have turned into nightmares. You just have to look at fans of Blackburn, Coventry, Charlton, Leyton Orient….I could continue but it gets too depressing! Due diligence, proper research and guarantees, with supporter being on the club’s board is the way forward I believe. Fans having a real voice of influence at their respective clubs. It can work!


3 – any idea who’s playing for you these days?  Anyone we need to watch out for?

I still go to the odd away game and I still support the lads in tangerine. I do have an active interest in our results but I’m just not there every week like I used to be sadly.

Players to watch out for eh? Well, I’d say our centre forward – Kyle Vassell is a beast and a real handful. If he’s fit, he can basically be the strike force by himself! Another one who is catching the eye is Curtis Tilt. A summer signing who plays at the back but has been getting rave reviews and is tipped to play at a higher level. Oh, we’ve just signed Jay Spearing too!


4 – how do you think the game will go on Saturday?  Any predictions?

We are due a spanking by a quality side and I think you’re that side.  4-0 to you guys. Notice how that’s a short answer?


5- the “Pathetic Casuals” have been debating whether Poulton or St Anne’s is the best pre-match experience.  Discuss.

You posh lot! Why not go the whole hog and go to Lytham? For a real treat come to Fleetwood. We know how to treat tourists! No seriously, Poulton is a decent place. Full of pubs in the square, and eateries from restaurants to cheap takeaways. I’d recommend the Thatched House, Town Hall, Golden Ball or the Bull in Poulton for a beer, and as for food, you can pretty much take your pick for Chinese to Indian, to Thai, to Italian, to a kebab!

I’m afraid I cannot comment on St Annes as I’m not posh enough to be let in there! 


6 – erm, we’ve probably killed the pie thing.  So the natural progression is chippy teas and the two key questions..

How do you feel about having a sausage as a side to your fish & chips?

I’m a big believer in fish, chips and mushy peas. A sausage on the side for me is a bit OTT, not quite sacrilege but getting there!

Are gravy and/or curry sauce an acceptable accompaniment to fish and chips?

Yes, yes they are. In Fleetwood we call chips, peas and gravy “a mix”. Go to Blackpool and order fish with a mix and see if they have any idea what it means!

Oh, and where’s the best chippy in Blackpool?  Is the number 3 chippy still any good?

No idea on the chippies in Blackpool I’m afraid. I come from Fleetwood and we do proper fish and chips there. None of this fish, chips, peas and SAUASGE malarkey!


Thanks for that Gareth, as hard as it is for Wiganers to avoid the temptation of a pie and a pint we’ll be supporting the “not a penny more” campaign.  I should also point out that one of your Supporters Trust colleagues, Ray reckons that St Annes isn’t posh, and recommends the Number 10 Ale House to anyone who finds themselves up that way tomorrow.

Cheers guys and enjoy your day.

Good luck for the rest of the season and with your efforts to get your club back.

See you on the other side…


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