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Sixy Talk has had a couple of week’s break, but we didn’t want to let this game pass. Not least because Doncaster are one of those clubs who still have a bone-fide paper fanzine popular STAND. We also think that Rovers’ story has a bit of there “there but for the grace of Harry Lyon…” to it. So we’ve been eyeing up (no… not like that… stop sniggering at the back) Glen Wilson, editor of popular STAND, for a while, luckily he said yes when we suggested asking him some daft questions…

1) How do? The last time we came across Doncaster you were embarrassing ‘newly relegated, big boys Wigan Athletic’ with a draw you probably deserved more from at the DW and hammering us at your place. What have you been up to since then?

Alright, that 3-0 demolition job feels like a world away now; best remembered for James Coppinger making international defender Jean Beausejour look like he’d only ever previously seen a football in textbooks, and Richie Wellens scoring with his chest whilst falling over. Ah, memories. Anyway, since then we’ve been relegated, spent a calendar year treating the notion of consistency as a Doncastrian kryptonite, and now we’ve decided to completely streamline our activities by dispensing with unnecessary fripperies like scoring goals, defending, or winning matches.

2) Both clubs, in one way or another, spent the mid-nineties on their arses. With things looking shaky this season and, presumably, a new generation of fans that don’t remember Ken Richardson, have you got a bit of a battle on to remind people just how bad things could have been?

Spending the mid-nineties on our arse, is a polite way of putting almost ceasing to exist, but yeah to a degree you’re right. It’s twelve years since we were last in the fourth tier – the longest we’ve ever been out of it – so there’s a perception among a lot of fans that we shouldn’t be that low. But a relatively shiny stadium and being in a big town doesn’t stop you from making terrible decisions and on a football pitch. We’ve been awful this season, but yeah things have been a hell of a lot worse. Though unless we can find a way to convey that in a banteriffic meme the context will probably be lost on many.

3) Still, things can’t all be that bad,that Darren Ferguson must be a good one, what with his dad and that?

You’d think wouldn’t you. He started well, and for the most part talks a good game, but the further we’ve spiralled into freefall the less clued up he’s looked; formations have chopped and changed, players have been dropped and brought back in. He could be a good manager if given time, but it’s hard to find a reason to give him that time.

4a) Aaron Taylor-Sinclair for Reece Wabara, a fair swap? 

Yep, least it would’ve been if we’d received the real footballer, rather than only receiving a cardboard cut-out of Aaron Taylor-Sinclair that we’ve gamely stuck in the back-line anyway out of stubbornness

b) Is there anyone else we should be looking out for? 

We currently possess all the sharpness of a piece of bubble-wrap wrapped in bubble-wrap so no, you’re fine. 

c) Which of our side are you worried about?

All of them; they look like they’re going to turn up and move around and stuff and we’ve struggled to cope with that this year.

5) How do you see the game going?

You know the beach landing scene in Saving Private Ryan? A bit like that… only without any hope of plot-enabling heroicism against the odds.

6) And finally, the serious stuff. What’s the best pie in Doncaster, what (if any) accompaniments do you eat them with and what’s your technique?

Having not lived in Doncaster in fifteen years I lack all the experience or relevant knowledge to judge genuine quality, but that hasn’t stopped Piers Morgan getting a job on America’s Got Talent, so I go for a Toppings Sweet Chilli Pork Pie from their stall in the Frenchgate Centre. I normally eat it with a pile of unsold fanzines at my feet and try to snaffle bites whenever it looks like there’s no potential buyers heading my way.

Thanks for that Glen, although I’m worried that you’ve pained yourself in a corner with that Doncaster’s Answer to Piers Morgan thing. Good luck for the rest of the season, I’d like to gift you three points for taking the time to talk to us, but I, selfishly I know, want to get the season over and done with so I can enjoy my day at the seaside in a couple of weeks.

You can get hold of Glen on Twitter at @vivarovers, as well as a nice line in pork pies, they’ve got copies of their latest issue (number 81) available. If you’re interested, and you probably should be, then you can find details on their website, or just give them a shout on twitter.


Have fun…



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