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Thanks for the guys at Team Talk for helping me solve Saturday night’s dilemma.  Apparently the premier league has gone down hill this season, just like the First Division was a bad league last season and the season before.  All for the same reason as well.  Wigan Athletic are doing well, we’re a crappy little club who deserves nothing, so therefore everyone else must have dropped down a level or two.

Now you can perhaps believe that for other leagues where a quarter of the teams change each season, and the better players are always likely to get poached, you will get the odd season where the standard falls off.  The Premier League however sees relatively few teams change and is likely to be doing the poaching.  Spurs are doing well this season, is that because everyone else is crap, or because they have a good manager, who has bought right and got his team playing they way he wants it to? 

It’s funny how the big team doing well will be seen as a sign of their success where there will always be some other reason when a small club comes good.  Should we be worried about it?  Probably not, as long as people keep taking that attitude then they’ll keep under estimating us on the pitch and that’ll make everyone’s job a little easier.

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