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We’ve not said much on Mr Camara’s hissy fit on Saturday.  Really it was something and nothing, but with the promises made by Wolves and Southampton fans, you can understand why it would make people a little twitchy.

I don’t think that the issue is that he was pissed off at being substituted.  I would expect that from any player, if you have to come off there’s obviously something wrong with the way you are playing or something you’re not capable of doing.  The problem comes when you show it.  Refusing to shake hands, kicking bottles, throwing shirts or stomping off up the tunnel are all apt to make you look the fool and upset the apple cart. 

Sometimes there’s not much you can do to improve on the reasons you’ve been dragged off, I mean a round the world trip wrapped around a competitive international is apt to take it out of you.  Most of the time there will be something that you can work on and that’s where the energy from that dummy spitting session is better applied, on the training ground or in the gym.

Whether it was more about the media or not, Henri has publicly apologised and Jewell’s accepted.  Apparently it’s not in his manner to act like this, let’s see.

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