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If you’ve been paying attention then you’ll know that we struggle with our timings when recording podcasts.  We could make them shorter, but we don’t want you to miss out on anything.  But, if we’d done that with episode 41, you’d have still been listening to it, and so an idea was born.

What about having some shorter bites of the podcast that people can listen separately from our main episodes?

We thought it might work, so we’ve given it a go.  It helps that we had a really good slice of the last recording to start off with.  We’d intended to do five minutes on how the transfer window had gone for guest, Paul Kendrick, what we got instead was a good chat and plenty of insight into the Latics press room.

Worth a listen whether you’re a Latics fan or not, our first “extra bite of Pie at Night” is available now on our Audioboom page or by using the player below.

Of course, episode 41 is still available, with details below…

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