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Before I start, this report would probably have been much longer ……had we won ! (Sorry if I’ve given away the ending).

I’ve never been to the Crown Ground, Acrrington before. I’m fairly certain I’ll go again though. It’s a long time since I’ve been to a football league ground where a decent header could easily clear any of the 3 stands to go out of the ground.

The playing surface was …….. let’s say, agricultural.

The only predictable aspect of the bounce was that it was unpredictable. But hey, who am I to come over all “big boy” on this cracking little club (Bugger, there I go again).

On a pleasant spring evening, the first half was nout to write home about.

The WADS had far more of a youth element to it than normal, with not a single player having had a sniff of 1st team football. The Stanley team on the other hand were a strong unit, with over half the side 1st team regulars, (along with 4 of their 5 subs).

From the off, the young Latics played just like the first team system – easy, calm passing with the ball, harrying and keeping tight when without it. To be fair, the brightest things on show in the first half were Dawson’s (pinky orange) and Angoy’s (lime green) boots. (Why, oh why, oh why ?).

Anyway, rarely threatened throughout the 1st half, Latics took the lead when Bingham took a clean header from a Dawson cross.

All the team looked solid & competent, but Breeze stood out as the one who always wanted the ball, and was always available for a team-mate needing an option. For Stanley, their 2 star players were loanees Nsiala (centre half – Everton) and Evans (midfield – Rovers).

Their “Connor Sammon” was Kurtis Guthrie, a lad who until recently was a full time electrician (and should keep up with his skills according to the (not very) sympathetic Stanley faithful).

Yes, you can guess what’s coming !

Half time: One goal lead to Latics.

Second half, Stanley came out, full of fleas in their ears, and proceeded to press much harder than anything shown to that point.

The 2nd period was a much brighter affair, with Stanley’s tat equal to every Latics’ tit, with Dawson starting to boss the midfield, after swopping positions with Chow.

However, around the 20 minute mark, Connor Mk 2 (Guthrie) rose like a Sammon (get it !) against a lackadaisical defence to level the scores. Told you, just like the 1st team.

From thereon in, though Latics showed their better pedigree, Dawber in the Stanley goal was excellent, stopping everything chucked at him – and lots was chucked !

We didn’t have it all our own way mind, and Calvin Hare in our nets was also called upon to save the day a couple of times.

Full time: One apiece…..straight to penalties.

Have a guess. Go on. No, you’re wrong. Have another guess. No, you’re wrong again. NINE BLOODY EIGHT !!!

With only 1 missed penalty each (the eighth taken for both sides), our last taker was poor old Jesjua.

To be honest, he’d made me look a pillock all night, as I foolishly told my (Stanley supporting) mate that he was related to Johann Cruyff. Of course, he proceeded to play like a drain.

He obviously has a good touch, but needs a little more bottle if he’s aspirations of first team standard.

Anyway, like I said to my mate, if a forward’s taking your tenth penalty, then you know he’s crapping his pants.

He didn’t disappoint – high & wide.

Ah well, a good night all round otherwise. A nice steak & pepper pie at £1.50. The pint (John Smiths) was nout special, but it was free, so that’s pretty special to me). The only downside to the night – bar the result – was their bloody drummer.

Bloody hell, he was persistent. I reckon ours is great… long as he stays at the far end of the east stand. This mon was only about 40 yards away, and he did well not to end up in A&E.

Our players? Impressive. As I said before, you could really see they were trying to play in the same way as their seniors – not the same system, as it was mainly 4-4-1-1 – but the influence of possession is obviously strong. I had intended to mark everyone, but as no-one had a bad game, it seems unnecessary.

The 2 stand-outs though were Breeze & Dawson. Breeze doing the mopping up of a McArthur, and Dawson with the attacking flair of Maloney. I’d be surprised if quite a few of these lads don’t develop into pros – either with us, or with someone else.

They’re learning to play football, and they’re doing it well. We could just do with Grandad Johann spending a little more time with young Jesjua.

     thanks to Moonay for the report.

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