If you move in certain Twitter circles then you’ll have come across The Pathetic Casuals.  Once they were young lads and lasses, touring the country in following the team they love, dressed up the nines and making sure they were seen and heard.

Now, as age, parenthood, mortgages and world weariness catches up with them, they’ve turned to finer pursuits.  The football has become an excuse rather than the reason, street life swapped for street cafes, winding-up locals replaced with soaking up the local culture and police escorts from the station eschewed in favour of taxis from nearby heritage pubs.

Here, Ladies and gentlemen, we celebrate The Pathetic Casuals and that thing of theirs, in the only way we can, by releasing a range of merchandising.

Fine and Fancy Northern Ball Craft


The t-shirt came before the phrase, with five of the tenets of TPC lifestyle choices, fine food, fancy footwear, Northern Soul, a load of ball and craft beer.  It can be found here: https://thepieatnight.co.uk/shop/t-shirts/tpc/

Tapas, Taphouse and Togger


Ok, it’s almost the same thing, but it looks different.  If you prefer this one, you can find it here: https://thepieatnight.co.uk/shop/t-shirts/tapas-taphouse-togger/

Clobber, Not Clobber


Speaks for itself really.  Show where your priorities lie and wear your linguistic preferences on your chest.  Find it here: https://thepieatnight.co.uk/shop/t-shirts/clobber-not-clobber/

The Pathetic Casual


Who is THE Pathetic Casual?  There are plenty out there who’ll try and lay claim to that title, but here’s our artist’s impression.  If you see this gentlemen then it’s probably safe to approach him, as long as you’ve got an interest in Belgian beer and continental sausage.  FInd it here: https://thepieatnight.co.uk/shop/t-shirts/the-pathetic-casual/

The Badge Set


Inspired by the t-shirts, here we have a LIMITED EDITION badge set.  Only 20 of these have been made and we won’t be going back to the printers for more.  Get them here: https://thepieatnight.co.uk/shop/badges/the-pathetic-casuals-badge-set/

As always, the sale of these products will go a little way to offset the costs of running the website and podcast.  If you like what we do then buying one is a good way of supporting us, if you’re not sure what we do, you can listen to the latest episode of the podcast below.  If you like the shirts then, buying one from here is the only way you’ll get one.  You can find these, and the other shirts we have, in our shop at www.thepieatnight.co.uk/shop

Have fun

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