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Can booking a podcast recording between two “must win” games ever be a good idea? Episode 20 of the Pie at Night Podcast sees the intrepid Mafiosi do just that and, well… as someone once said, if you can’t get what you want, but have a go anyway, you might get what you need (although they said it with more rhythm, a tune and tighter jeans).

And what we needed was a podcast that opened up gently with tales of mess-ups and muddles, as well as Jimmy’s one man show based on the movie Filofax.

Things then, inevitably, move onto the frozen chicken shaped elephant in the room. They say you shouldn’t kick a man whilst he’s down; but if you stick your head above the parapet of your glass house then, you’ve got too many mixed metaphors. Thankfully the lads get straight to the point and you’re better off listening. Suffice to say that feelings ran strong.

Which was less the case when, after a musical interlude, Jimmy posed the question “what would it take for you to delete your twitter?”. Anything to do with the decreasing size of Max Power’s timeline? Yeah, probably.

It was then on to the serious business of building a band out of the current Latics squad. Well, it couldn’t be any worse than the football team they’re trying to be at the moment, eh?

To move things to a close, we skip through the best butties we’ve ever had, as quickly as some of the worst butties we’ve ever had skipped through us, before diving headlong into the Wigan Athletic Hall of Shame. As always, Alan has a stab at getting a player other people idolise into the reckoning, but the force is yet again strong in this letter so it’s a challenge.

We finish off with some plugs, as well as evidence that Birmingham may be Britain’s dullest city.

Over to you…

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