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Bill Nicholson once said

“ We must always consider our supporters for, without them there would be no professional football.

Its better to have more fans watching football the way they liked it played than have a few watching football the way we’d like it played.”

If by some remote chance someone in authority in the corridors of power happens to stumble across this missive, then please take note at Bill’s wise words (above) and my little scribe (below)

In all the hype surrounding the greatest game on the planet, all the money sloshing around thanks to the great god that is tv.rights coupled with the stupidly weekly wage of average players, spare a thought for the fans.

Remember them ?

You know, those unlike all the players, staff at the club, unhelpful stewards, national & local media be it press, radio or television, remember you get paid to go, we pay to go & their in lies a lesson.

And don’t forget the corporate freeloaders, players mates and families who swan in the stadium for nowt as well.

Yes it is our choice to actually pay to view the game and yes it is your job to watch the game but remember without us, the atmosphere would be nil, the game would be nowhere near the spectacle that it is without us who pay.

The sponsors would soon pull the plug if empty stadiums were the norm and for all their blasé players preening and self indulgent antics that we have to put up with, the folk who wear 1-11 on the shirts and love kicking the ball in front of an audience . . .

. . .   “all the world is a stage” someone once said, well so is the green, green football pitch.


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