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I’ve not been about much for the last couple of weeks, I hope you’ve all missed me.  All in all they’ve been a couple of interesting weeks for a variety of reasons.  Personally there was a stag weekend in Newcastle and some actual real time off work, but you don’t want to know about that.  For the club, there’s been rumours, rebuttals, misunderstandings and frustrations all around.  Seeing as you’ve all been so nice to me I’ll let you into my thoughts on a couple of the burning issues.


We’ve been here before, transfer rumour is only interesting when there’s any chance of the players actually signing.  Let’s face it there’s as much chance of us signing Raul as there is a washed up, aging, tubby lad who’s struggling to get in the Georgian national team.

Personally I think Carroll could do a job for us (and no jokes about it being the washing up), I take Jewell’s point about his wages, but there’s a definite need for at least one more keeper, and if we want sufficient quality, then there’s every chance that we’ll have to take someone as first choice over Filan; the quality we need won’t be happy taking a back seat i don’t think.

If Paul Jewell says he’s not interested in Stubbs, or anyone else, then he’s not – can we stop pushing this one now?

Visitors to message boards (not ours as you’ll notice)

If you’re Latics fans taking the piss, it’s not funny.  If you’re not then you really are sad, aren’t you?  Leave it alone, or get some proper banter going – you’re giving me a cyber headache.

How typical is it of Wiganers?  Spend two months moaning that we need a scheme to ensure that away tickets are allocated fairly, then explode when one is announced.  Have a minute, wait for the detail and then moan if it’s not to your liking.  If you have to join a club to go away then so be it, if you have to go on official coaches to go away so be it.  If you don’t like what the club are doing, make other arrangements, there’s always a way. 

I could go on for ages, but can’t be bothered.  It’s nice to be back and I’ll see you all soon

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