The definitive guide to famous short wearers of our time

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Coming to you live from the Northern Beer Temple, the lads attempt to numb the pain of watching the Tics on a Tuesday night by drinking lovely 9% ale by Cloudwater.

But first, a heartfelt apology from Jimmy after a deadline day tweet went unfortunately viral. Talking of which after discussing beer with John, Alan fires through his tweets of the week, with that man @WeahsCousin stealing the show again.

We then move to the most important issues of the day, such as have you ever been thrown out of a pub,  revealing some shocking and amusing anecdotes from both the panel and contributions from our Facebook and Twitter feeds. In the end, it finishes up a tie between Dylan’s tale from the Ivory Coast and Barca Jim’s less than savoury tale of dogs in pubs.

Back to more mundane masters and we recap the United game and  rundown of our in depth knowledge of our new signings. Ahem.

Obviously we’re mourning the loss of Jordi Gomez and potentially Jordan Flores as well and do a brief Sheffield Wednesday post mortem before breaking for an ace tune by The Shipbuilders.

We discuss famous short wearers of our time in honour of our illustrious leader and try to gloss over the fact that many grown men (and Janette Krankie) who appear to wear shorts appear to be somewhat dubious characters.

Dylan then regales us with his experiences of bumping into Latics fans in Sierra Leone. Sadly he had no such luck finding kindred spirits in Beirut on the day of the United game.

We move on to throw out some Norwich thoughts and Fulham things: Michael Jackson statue, the pioneer of away day fan accounts and “neutral zones”. The hasty scarpering of Yanic gets airtime along with the benching of Grigg. We also tell you how to win money as Dylan successfully predict the first goal scorer, well sort of and it’s no use to you now anyway.

We finish with a pair of inspiring, uplifting tunes because heaven knows we need it right now……

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