The five rings of glory

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The 2012 Olympics are a coming, we can’t ignore it, well you can try but the hype has started and it’ll get worse as it gets nearer.

Besides the ladies beach volleyball on Horse Guards Parade, a football tournament is being held which might or might not be of passing interest.

The 4 home nations are supposed to be all as one but Taffs, Jocks & the Irish are nervous about sending any players in case they lose their International birthright with FIFA.

Mr Blatter has stressed that it would only be a one off occurrence and that all would be well with the British associations, mmmm would you believe anything that Sepp says?

Anyhow the venues chosen for the games are The Rioch Arena, Hampden Park, The Millennium Stadium, Old Trafford, St James Park & Wembley with approximately 2,400 footballs will be used during the matches.

As well as the guys, a women’s tournament will also be held, the ladies first kicked off in 1996 over in the U.SofA.

Apart from 1896 & 1932 Football has been played in the Olympics, in 1900 & 1904 it was just an exhibition sport with medals only being awarded in 1908.

Great Britain & Hungary have won three football gold’s at the Olympics, more than any of the other nations, however Hungary top the list as they also have silver & a bronze.

So in order we have …..




Soviet Union





East Germany









Reigning holders are Argentina who beat Nigeria 1-0 in Beijing.

In the ladies listing of winners is basically not a list, unless you count two as a list?

USA have won it three times & Norway just the once, USA beat Brazil 1-0 in Beijing to come to our shores as the reigning Olympic champs.

What, when & where



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